Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Fine Frenzy

I was thinking about how to title this post and that phrase came into my mind (no, not the band).  That is how I would describe the past 2 weeks.  It has been a frenzy, but it really has been fine.  But today I really needed to sit down and write, and just process all that's happened.

Mike has been living with us for 2 weeks now, and it has been good.  Every day brings a new challenge but then God comes through and gives us the exact wisdom and provision we need for the moment.  Last night we sat down with Mike to discuss his options after he leaves here in 2 weeks.  He has 4 options, but only wants to do 1 of them.  That one option is, in our opinion, not a good option. The other 3 are good options, but he doesn't want to do those.  I told him that never have I witnessed, first-hand, how God has pursued someone intensely as He is doing to Mike.  When Mike makes a decision that is not what is best for him, and starts going after that, God has stepped in EVERY time and prevented that from happening.  It is like I am watching God work right in front of my eyes, and it is amazing.  It is clear to me now that Mike has a calling from God on his life and God is protecting him and preventing him from going down the wrong road.  But I also know this is very hard for Mike and he has never given control of his life over to anyone before, because he's always been hurt.  We've been talking lately about how he can trust God, that God has a plan for him, and that plan is so much better than the life he's lived before.  He looks into our eyes like he wants to believe us, but doesn't know how.

Life has been very different for us since we are now a "family of five."  Our food budget has gone up. This boy loves milk, and he loves cereal and food in general :)  I have had to adjust to cooking for 3 adults every night, and we haven't been able to just "fend for ourselves" like we do sometimes; I have to be more intentional about actually making meals each night.  It is good, though.  It is nice to have another person at the table to eat with and laugh with.  We take him to work and pick him up on many days.  He spends time with us as a family, eating with us and hanging out.  He is living in our office right now, which is small and cramped, but he keeps it neat and clean.  He helps around the house and entertains the boys (they think it is very cool that a skateboarder is living with us).  We have definite boundaries but he is keeping to those.  Our boys just love him, and it is neat to see Mike be taken aback by that love and learn to receive it.  Jaden gives him spontaneous hugs, and Micah now rushes to the door when Mike leaves and says "kisses and hugs!!!"  I know Mike is receiving love he has lacked in his life, and it can be overwhelming.

Martin and I have had to really "make" time for each other these past few weeks.  We are missing each other more.  Our conversations usually have to wait until midnight when we're both in bed and very tired, but have lots of catching up to do.  We haven't seen each other very much lately because we've been so busy.  On Saturday we have our first date in months, for Valentine's Day, and we so badly need it.

Add to all of this our schedule for the past two weeks:  Church on Sundays, small group on Mondays, discipleship group on Tuesdays, MOPS and worship practice on Thursdays, having random people over during the week, Saturday morning prayer, and preschool 3x a week..... tonight I'm really feeling it, and I am tired.  And if Mike ever finds this blog and reads it, just know that we love you so much and are so thankful you are part of our family, and you are not a burden at all, but a blessing to us.  We wouldn't have it any other way right now.  God is growing ALL of us through this and you rock.


  1. You guys are doing a wonderful thing and God is stretching you and challenging you, and I'm confident you'll be rewarded in many ways---hopefully by seeing Mike make good decisions.

  2. It's nice to hear you say that things are going well. :) Our prayers are with you continually and with Mike. I love watching God work!!

  3. I agree with Beana. All of you are growing during this process, both mentally and spiritually! You're stretching your faith in ways you've never had to before and so is Mike. It's a blessing to read how God is working and providing and how good things are going. All of you will be blessed in the end of all of this. I'm looking forward to the awesome testimonies that will come of this. We love you guys, and are continually praying for you all.

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