Friday, February 26, 2010

Nature and Boys

One thing I have noticed about my boys is that they LOVE nature.  I'm sure all kids do to some extent, but I have really found that my boys are happiest when they are running free through the sand or the trees, wind whipping through their hair, and they are finding bugs.  Martin took Micah on an "adventure" recently and Micah can't stop talking about it.   They hiked down to a part of the beach and explored the tidepools.  Now Micah keeps wanting to go on more "adventures" to find "treasure."  Maybe this has something to do with him finally seeing Peter Pan - I'm not sure.  But he loves to find strange things in the sand and calls them all his "treasures".

At our old house there was seriously a lack of nature.  It was only a few miles away, but it took forever in traffic to drive to some of the places where we could find trees and water.  Now we are a little closer - we live about 2 miles from the beach, 3 miles or so away from a "Wilderness Park", 2 miles away from a nature preserve, and there are a lot of parks in our area.

They are both at a really fun age, so I think I'm going to start using every Tuesday as our Adventure Day.  I am realizing that I don't have much time left with both boys during the day, since Micah will start school in the September 5 days a week, so I want to make these days memorable.

Here are a few pictures from our recent Adventure Days:

At the Nature Preserve with their Dollar-Tree "Bug Keepers":  
(All we found were ladybugs but they loved it anyway)

This isn't the best picture, but here the boys are exploring in the rocks at the Long Beach harbor:

We went here yesterday and the boys collected rocks. I sat on the sand and looked
for dolphins, but didn't see any :(

Isn't this amazing?!  It is a staircase leading up from the beach to someone's house
(it is hard to fully see the distance up in this picture):

At the beach again; Micah was SO happy:

The boys playing in the boats (that Agent was very smart!!):

The beautiful sunset:

I don't consider myself much of a beach person, but I'm so glad it makes the boys happy, and it is  breathtaking. Hoping for more fun adventures soon!!


  1. Cute pictures! My kids are at their happiest outside too :D Could you imagine carrying something up and down those stairs??

  2. Breath taking is right, wow! those pictures were so beautiful, as both your boys! (:
    Glad u had a great day with them at the beach. Keep creating those special memories!!