Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Fun List!

I saw the cutest blog post the other day about Summer Fun lists, and it got me thinking.  I sat down with the boys and asked what they wanted to do this summer, but they didn't really get it.  For Jaden, every day is summer because he is not in school yet, and Micah was only in school 3x a week so we could do what we wanted on the off days.  However, since this is our first official summer before "real" school (kindergarten) begins, I made a list anyway.  Drum roll, please....

-Go see "Toy Story 3" at the movie theater!  (first time at the movies for the boys)
-Visit Disneyland one last time before passes expire
-Go to Seaside Lagoon (a local enclosed beach for kids)

-Visit Mimi & Papa (my parents) for 4 days
-Take swimming lessons
-Soccer for Micah (the whole month of July)
-Visit my sister (she lives 40 minutes away)
-Go to the beach
-Go camping (Yosemite, here we come!)
-Go to Chuck E Cheese
-Have playdates with friends from school
-Have playdates with other friends too
-AND have dentist appointments for the boys (fun!)

What's on your list for summer?  Let the festivities begin!!


  1. That lagoon looks awesome!!
    We have a few things on our list but nothing too big or exciting. Mostly things like "make popsicles" and "play in the sprinklers" :D

  2. 1. Go the beach...a lot.
    2. Visit friends in San Diego
    3. Take a road trip with just our family.
    4. Swim lessons/swim team
    5. Go see Toy Story 3
    6. Go camping in Yosemite fun!!!!

  3. Hmm...I guess I just can't believe summer is here already! We will probably go to the train museum a lot as my parents just bought us passes (and it's a nice cool place in the Sacramento heat). Otherwise hopefully lots of evening walks, playing in the sprinklers and swimming at my parents' and hopefully going camping. I like MomBrose's "making popsicles" too but we don't have any popsicle forms.

  4. What a great idea! I'm going to ask Elias tomorrow what he wants to do this summer and see what he says. I already know two things he wants to do but I'm interested in his "list". Oh, and that lagoon is awesome!

  5. Hey Jaimie! Catching up on the blog for the first time in quite a while. Not sure if you guys did Toy Story 3 or not but we did it with the girls and I kind of regret it. They are sensitive about shows though but just wanted to let you know that it was a tough movie, especially for Lila.