Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Funnies

Earlier in the day, Micah asked me what "blind" meant. Jaden overheard us, and later in the day he was throwing a huge tantrum. He was mad at Martin and I and shouted through tears, "You're going to be blind and not be able to see!" (It was hard not to laugh) :)

Jaden was coloring a picture of Jesus and said, "Jesus has a mustache just like Obi Won Kanobi!"

Micah wanted to watch cartoons after dinner and said, "Daddy, you let us watch Dora, and we'll pay you money." Love those early bargaining skills.

I excitedly asked the boys, "Do you guys want to go see Cars 2?!!"  Micah replied, "No, I want to wait until it's on Netflix."

I told the boys that they had to clean up a mess on the floor.  Micah said, "It's Jaden's mess! I'm not his maid!"  I told him he had to help anyway, and he retorted, "Nuh-uh! The President said there are no more maids!"

Micah came in from playing in the (little) pool we have outside and said, "I baptized myself!"


  1. Glad you are writing these cute things down from the kids. Things you think you'll never forget you won't for sure.

  2. Those are the best!! I love the last two!! :)