Monday, September 26, 2011

A Pinterest Party!

 If you have not yet heard of Pinterest, let me tell you, it is amazing. Whoever thought of this site was brilliant!  Many of my friends are obsessed hooked, and it is inspiring me to try all sorts of new things, from wardrobe ideas to party ideas to home decorating.  If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is basically an online bulletin board where you can post pictures you find from different websites (in one place).  You can make boards like: recipes, home decorating, hair ideas, wardrobe, funny things, etc...  You can also see the pictures your friends have posted, and re-post them to your own board.  It is a really fun time-waster hobby.

For instance, last night I was going to a concert with my husband (an Amy Grant/Michael W Smith reunion tour that was A-MAZING), when my sister took one look at my outfit and said I looked like one of the Duggar daughters. At first I thought she meant Jaycee Dugard and I was confused.  Then she clarified that I looked like one of the "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar daughters.  Um, yeah. Thanks, sister!  That's what sisters are for, right? Basically she said I was dressed like the Amish.

So, I remembered some pictures from my Pinterest board and came out dressed like this instead:

I call this one "I'm not pregnant, I just look like it."  Anyway, I digress.  I wore a Pinterest-inspired look and my sister approved, and off we went.

The day before, I had planned a Pinterest-themed surprise party for my best friend.  We wanted to keep it small and intimate, so there were only 10 of her closest friends invited, and all of them love Pinterest.  We chose Pinterest-inspired food and Pinterest-inspired dishes.  Each of us invaded her boards without her knowing, chose her favorite things, and showered her with love. It was SO much fun!!

I know, I know... I chose the side braid 2 days in a row, but what can I say? I got the idea from Pinterest!

My gift to her was a bubble gum necklace that I made (idea from Pinterest, which I will also blog about later this week)...

And this framed print that I found on Pinterest (but purchased from Etsy)...

While we were partying, we all pitched in and made her a wreath out of magazine flowers (another pinterest idea). It came out beautiful!

Overall the day was amazing - not only because of our amazing friend, but the fellowship and laughter we all shared together...

 Happy Pinterest Birthday Heather!!  :)


  1. Love this post! And you may remember....Reagan told me I looked like the Duggar mom one day. The next day I chopped my hair off :) Kindred spirits.