Friday, February 24, 2012


Today she went to be with Jesus.  Her diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer was confirmed to her only 7 days ago.  She was already in her final days.  In the past week, I was able to draw even closer to a woman I respected and loved.  In the past week we had two deep, personal conversations about faith, relationships, hope, and love.  In the past week she shared with me that she didn't want to fight this fight against her body; she just wanted to go home to be with the Lord.  God granted her heart's desire.  She had a rough week, a painful week, but now it is over and she is with Him.

This morning I felt a strong desire to go be with her, to go and say goodbye.  When I arrived, her breathing was labored and heavy.  I spoke to her, and her eyes met mine.  I held her hand.  After about an hour, I left (at 11:30am).  At 3:30 I received the call that she had passed.  I rushed to the hospital, longing to say goodbye just one last time.  That is when I learned how she died today.  Surrounded by 3 loving friends, a CD of soft worship music was playing.  The friends anointed her head with oil and prayed for her, then read Psalm 23.  They whispered in her ear, "We love you, you can go home."  Within a few minutes, she took her last breath.

God's grace and love was with her; His presence was strong.  We rejoice that her suffering has ended and she is being reunited with her earthly father and her heavenly Father today.

After I told my boys what happened, Jaden said, "But I wanted to give her a valentine!" Then he followed with "I liked Norma."

Micah asked a lot of questions about cancer, death and heaven.  He got scared and said he doesn't want to die, and he doesn't want to go to heaven.  It's an overwhelming topic for a 6 year old; it'll take some time.

When we arrived home, we received more devastating news from a family member and from another friend.  Grief is heavy in our home this week.  We attended a funeral just 2 weeks ago of someone else we knew.  Now we are planning another.

God is present, and I'm thankful for His comfort and peace.  I'm thankful for our two boys who give us reasons to smile each day, hug us and love on us when we are sad.  I'm so grateful for our church family, who came together and operated exactly as the Body of Christ should.  God is here, He is near, and I am so thankful.

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  1. Oh my gosh...this post brougth tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this.