Friday, March 30, 2012

Routine Gone Wild

I've been wondering where I've been lately.  Don't worry, you read that right! I've been wondering where I've been!  This was definitely "March Madness" for our family, leaving little time for blogging unfortunately.

Exhibit A:

This is our calendar for March, and actually does not include everything since Saturday is also a workday for Martin, so he frequently has meetings on those days.   Putting both boys in Little League has turned out to be fun, yet stressful.  This month alone we had 24 combined practices and games, and have to work the snack bar 4 times in the next month as well.

Everyone is out of sorts.  The cat is hiding in underwear drawers...

The house is a mess...

Laundry sits unfolded:

And even this guy got lost:

It's like he climbed up there to escape the madness and can't find his ship.

Although we've tried to keep our routine as stable as possible (at least in the mornings), after school everything is out of sorts.  Normally we get home around 3:15pm, do homework, make dinner, have baths, and they go to bed by 7:30pm.  Lately we've had to break homework time in half, go to a practice or game from 4-6pm, get home and eat a late dinner, have a late bath, and although they get in bed no later than 8:30, they are tired, cranky and mad even at 6pm.

So, as you can probably tell, this month has been challenging. Not even so much because of the schedule, but because of the way it affects both boy's moods.  They are just so tired from all the activity. Although they love baseball, every minute of it, I wonder if it's worth it.  Yet when we see their excitement, it's hard to think of not doing it at all.

Micah getting the game ball:

We have about 6 weeks left, and we'll have to make some decisions about skipping some weeknight games for our own sanity.  I just don't know how much more of the irritability I can take, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when Martin has to leave after the games and go back to work, so I'm alone handling double meltdowns. We will see.... but for now we try to enjoy the season, and we're glad the boys are having fun.

Hoping to check in more often now that our March Madness is over; Spring Break is only a week away - yeah!!!!

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  1. LOL at the little man getting lost. Your March calendar looks like mine. :)