Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Legoland Hotel Fun!

When we visited Legoland earlier this year, we noticed the new Legoland Hotel being built and knew we wanted to stay there. My boys are obsessed with all things Lego and play with them for hours every day.  I really believe that Legos help build their fine motor skills and help them with their brain development; the things they create and engineer are amazing.  So, not only do the boys love Legos, but mommy and daddy love them too.

I booked our hotel room online and got an excellent rate, due to the fact that we were staying right before the summer season began.  The prices literally doubled two days later.  I have not found any current promotions for the Legoland Hotel, likely because it is brand new, but you can easily find cheaper rates by clicking the box that says "Are your dates flexible?"  That will show you the varying prices you can choose from.

We checked in on Memorial Day and entered the lobby area - which was beyond amazing.  Seriously - I think our mouths all dropped open. The amount of creativity that went into that lobby was incredible.  There is a huge area for the kids to play with Lego's while the parents check in.  There is also a giant pirate ship, right in the lobby area, which is a play structure with more areas for kids to play with Legos. The best part?  Right across from the pirate ship is a coffee shop and cafe where the parents can sit and watch their kids. Brilliant! While we waited for our room to open up, I ordered a vanilla latte and sipped by coffee while watching the kids play.

We arrived early (around 2pm), and check in was not until 4pm, so we had quite awhile to play.  The hotel is adjacent to Legoland and the Aquarium, so we were able to walk outside and look around while waiting too (you do still have to have a ticket to get in to the parks, though). They even let us use the pool while we were waiting!

Because we were checking in on such a busy holiday, our room was not ready until 5:30pm.  However, the manager was walking through the lobby and spotted me, and asked if he could help with anything.  I told him we had been waiting awhile, and he immediately helped us and got us into our room (and gave us a room discount for waiting). Incredible service - I was impressed.

When you walk through the hotel, the carpet is even patterned with Legos.

Accidental shot, but this is the carpet!
The elevator?  Awesome.  You walk in, and when the doors shut, a disco ball starts spinning and disco music starts playing.  Such a fun surprise!  I tried to upload my own video but youtube was having issues, but this one is way better than mine anyway:

We reserved an Adventure Themed Room, but there are 3 themed rooms you can choose from: Pirate, Adventure, and Kingdom.  Every standard room looks like a suite - the kids have their own room with a bunkbed and pull-out trundle, and their own television, and the parents have a separate room.  The boys were so excited (and we were too)!  Premium themed rooms are also available, which are even more incredible!  Our room decor did look different than the pictures online, but was still great.

Upon entering the room, you find a safe and a treasure map helping you decode the combination. Inside is a special treat for your kids!  Each room also comes with a bucket of Legos for the kids to play with (which you leave there). Every night there is a Lego building contest in the lobby, and you can use Legos from all over the hotel to build your creation. That night's contest was to build a boat out of Lego's, so we found many kids running around collecting Lego's for their boats.

The hotel also has nightly entertainment, as well as a movie you can watch down at the pool.  You can sit in the pool or sit poolside while watching. So fun!

The view from our room!
The hotel has quite a few dining options to choose from, including Bricks Family Restaurant (an all-you-can-eat buffet), but we chose to save money and go to the nearby Carlsbad Outlets to find dinner.

We found our room to be very clean (everything was also new since they just opened in March), and the service we received from every employee was outstanding (especially Nellie, the concierge).

The Legoland Hotel website has a great interactive tour you can take to see more of their features.  Parking is also free as a hotel guest.

Overall, we would give this hotel a 5 star rating. It was probably the best hotel experience we have ever had!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I review Legoland!

(This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review but did receive goods or services in exchange for my honest opinion.)

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