Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Micah has been so funny lately - my cousin gave him an old Batman costume that she found, and he has been wanting to wear it every day. What is hilarious is the first time he put it on, he immediately went into super-hero mode. Look at his face and how he put his hands on his hips:

What's amazing is that he has never even seen Batman! Not a cartoon, not a picture -nothing! (At least that we know of!) Yet he knew it was a superhero costume and that's all that mattered to him. He has been going outside in his costume and "assuming the position" whenever he sees kids playing outside. It is so funny!

Jaden has also been dazzling us with cuteness :) Lately he's been climbing up into the rocking chair to read books to himself. I love it! He looks so big in this picture to me!

Last night our neighborhood had "National Night Out". The great thing is that every year it is held directly across the street from our house at the school. The whole neighborhood comes and has dessert together, and someone performs. The fire engine and ambulance were there for the kids to climb in, and both boys won toys in the raffle. It was fun. Here's a picture- the first time Micah has actually gotten in the fire truck and wasn't afraid of it!

Lastly, here's a video of the boys messing around while Martin played guitar. So much for dinner!!


  1. I LOVED that video! Rgirl was like, "Hey...that's Micah!" She wanted to see it again. Jaden almost looks like he has a blondish tint to his hair in that picture...and yeah, he looks like such a big boy!!!

  2. Miss Rose saw Micah in his costume and said "hey, that's a cool boy." She loves superheroes!!!