Friday, July 3, 2009

Packing Packing Packing!

It's hard to believe that in only 7 days we will be moving.  This past week just flew by, as we packed up more of the house and now only have about 25% left or so (although, every time I think we made progress, I find more things to pack).  I have tried to keep the boys in their normal routine as much as possible; we have continued to do playdates all week long, go to the beach, etc...  It helps me, too, to find some normalcy in all the chaos!  The only real stressful part was changing over all our utilities.  I was on the internet and the phone trying to get our internet and phone service hooked up (ha ha) for probably a total of 3 hours.  But it was worth it, since our new service provider (Verizon) is hooking us up with a free Compaq mini netbook as part of a promotion they're doing.  BUT, we didn't get through this move without changing our phone number, which I hoped wouldn't have to happen (did that make sense?).  Oh well...

Micah has been saying more funny things lately, like during our recent trip to the park.  The park had drained the big pond because they are re-doing it, and it smells awful.  Micah walked by it and said "Ewww, yuck! That smells like junk!  That smells like Mexico!"  After I composed myself and hoped no mexicans were nearby (oh wait, he is a mexican), I remembered that I had said something to that affect a few weeks earlier.  Oops :)

Micah saw a billboard for something scary (I think it was a skeleton picture) and he said "Mommy, is that a-ten?"  I didn't understand what he was asking until finally he asked again "Is that a-ten, or is it real?"  (I finally figured out that he was asking "Is that pretend?").  Next time I'll be more clear when I'm explaining a word to him....

We got in another one of our lengthy twenty minute conversations on our way home, when he spotted another billboard for a radio station that had Christina Aguilara, Britney Spears and Kanye West on it.  Well, Christina and Kanye didn't look too happy in the ad, so the WHOLE way home, Micah wanted to know why they were mad.  Finally I just had to agree with him (so he would just drop it already!) that Christina must be mad because her sister took her Barbie doll away from her.  "Yes, Micah.  That girl is mad because her sister took her Barbie away from her."  Success.  Total silence until the next billboard.  Always a long and interesting ride home :)


  1. He likes to keep you thinking about everything but what you need to get done! So cute :)

    One more week! I pray everything packs up nice for the move!

  2. Hang in there! The real fun begins when you get to start unpacking! :D

  3. It's so scary how closely they listen to everything we saw and then say it themselves at interesting times. Hope all goes smoothly with the move!