Monday, July 13, 2009

Paradise what it feels like now that we are finally in our "new" home. We have waited so long, and on Saturday the time finally came. Over 30 people helped us to move (we have an awesome church family), and we got the entire thing done in about 3-4 hours total. I am forever indebted to the 7 or 8 women who helped me clean the "old" house from top to bottom after the furniture was moved out. Looking at all the dirt and grime that had accumulated over the past 7 years was very overwhelming (and embarrassing, I might add!). I just feel so incredibly thankful and happy.

On Saturday after everyone had helped move us in, I showed up last to the new house. When I walked in, our entire living room was packed with all our friends who had helped us move, and they burst into song, singing "Happy Birthday" to me, and my mom had even brought a birthday cake! It was amazing.

After everyone left on Saturday, a friend of ours (who lives around the corner), offered to take the boys to a hobby shop so we could have 2 hours to ourselves. We sat in the living room and just marveled at all that had happened. We truly feel like a new chapter has opened. We are now in the neighborhood of probably fifteen other families in our church (all live within 1/2 mile of here), many of whom have stopped by to say hello in the last two days. We truly feel surrounded by love.

I am so looking forward to taking walks in our new neighborhood (a friend just told me that this neighborhood was voted #1 best neighborhood to walk in by some magazine - I'll have to look that up) :) We are also getting the beach breeze every day, since we are about a mile away. Tonight we even had our first earthquake in the house (a minor 3.4) :) Feels just like home!

The boys playing soccer in the front yard with some other youth from our church who live nearby:
Micah reading in the front garden area:

Martin and I both love to organize, so we have been plowing through our boxes. The entire boy's room, kitchen and bathroom are 100% unpacked, but we still have a long way to go. At least those 3 major rooms are done. We are just so happy to be home, and indeed, it feels like a little slice of paradise!

The backyard:


  1. looks so nice! What a blessing! I can't wait to see pictures of the inside.

  2. I am so impressed by the 30 people who showed up to help you move!! How great is that?? I am jealous!! lol. Our move 2 weeks ago lasted from 7am til 4am the following morning, haha. You truly are a blessed woman!! :)
    Your house, especially the back yard area is so adorable!

    Happy belated birthday, btw!! I hope you had a great day and are enjoying your new home! :)

  3. OH! I'm so glad your move went so well - what a great neighborhood and church family!! I hope the boys are feeling right at home too :)