Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Stages of Moving

I grew up moving a lot. Well, more than most people. By the time I was a sophomore in high school I been a part of 4 major moves - to new cities, new schools, new friends. I don't remember ever living in a place for more than 6 years. Maybe that's why I have had the itch to move so bad - this is year 7 for us in this house. Wait - no... on second thought; that is NOT why I wanted to move. It was being a family of 4 in a house the size of an 1800's house (Little House on the Prairie, not Victorian!)

Well, since this is our first major move as a family of four, I have noticed some..."stages" that we have gone through during this move:

1) The excitement stage - This was when we found out we were moving and actually found a house. It is so exciting to know you are going somewhere new and can decorate, re-arrange, and start fresh! This stage is when you tell all your friends, drive by the house at every opportunity and start dreaming.

2) The disgusted stage- Once you know you're moving, and you have to go back to your current, messy house, you start feeling disgusted. "Ugh!" was my thought all through the day. "I can't wait to move!" Everything started feeling even smaller and even more disorganized.

3) The thankful stage- Here we go! Back up on the emotional roller-coaster! This is where we were so thankful for the blessings of living in this house, but even more thankful for the new house!

4) The packing stage- this is where you go to find boxes, or you buy boxes (but in my case it involved driving around for 2 hours, driving in the back alleys of stores like I was doing something illegal, looking for stores without those massive box compactors, hoping for some "good finds" in their dumpsters.) This also involves finding some great boxes, but then realizing you made a huge mistake, when you pick them up and realize there is a dead cat inside or some fish guts! (Yes, yesterday I stuck my hand inside this great big box only to find discarded fish remains inside. I should have remembered I was behind a Fish & Grill restaurant!) (By the way - the best place to find boxes for moving is in the warehouse sections of your city!)

5) The overwhelmed stage - I am here right now. No matter how much I pack, there seems to be more. I never seem to be making any progress. I am even overwhelmed at the new house - trying to figure out where to put everything.

6) The angry stage- "I hate everything I have! I want all new stuff!" "Why do we have all this JUNK anyway?!" To your spouse: "WHY do you still hold on to this stuff?!" (Like my husband's collection of used I-Tunes gift cards taped to our desk. Sentimental, maybe?)

7) The exhausted stage- I. can't. go. another. minute.

8) The transitional stage - We did it! We moved in! Now we can start unpacking! (And start over with emotions #1-7!!!)

Right now I am a mix of #5, #6, and #7. Only 2 more days to go! Tonight we are taking our first load over, I'm cleaning out our "new" fridge and portable dishwasher (which are both old and used, but free). And remembering through this roller-coaster, to be thankful for everything!!!

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  1. You'll make it Jaimie! I'm praying that it's as smooth a transition as possible :)