Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm feeling sorry for myself tonight.  I am tired, home alone with the boys, and feeling worn out.  This has been the month of illness in our family...  First, Jaden got croup around January 1st for about 5 days, then got better, then got it again around January 10th for 5 more days.  Then Martin got sick with a bad cold, and he never, ever gets sick!  Now Micah is really sick - he has not been ill in over a year, but this is a doozy.  He has a double ear infection, and possibly RSV.  Today he coughed for 30 minutes straight and threw up 5 times during that 30 minutes.  I just had to hold him and I felt so helpless.  He can't breathe through his nose, it is running like crazy, and his upper lip below his nose is so chapped it's almost bleeding.  I thought Jaden had an ear infection too, and took both of them to the doctor today, but it looks like he's just teething, thankfully.  That would have been the 3rd one in one month!

Martin is gone this weekend at youth winter camp, so I'm doing this solo.  Tomorrow I'm going to my parents with the boys, although I'm wondering if I should stay behind since Micah's so sick.  But then again, I'm tired of being in the house, and maybe it would be good for all of us to get out and get some fresh air and be in a new environment for a day and a half.  So, we're going to go.  I am just praying this passes soon and God protects me from getting anything too!

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  1. Oh Jaimie! I am so sorry to hear about the continuation of illness in your household! You poor thing. I hope that everyone is feeling a little better now. I am also sitting here feeling sorry for myself as the kitchen work has begun. Ugh!