Friday, June 27, 2008

3 Down

On Sunday when I picked Jaden up from the church nursery, I found out that another baby in there had the flu.  I was so upset!!!  Sure enough, on Tuesday he got it.  On Thursday I got it. Micah got sick on Tuesday as well with some sort of really bad cold - stuffy nose, coughing mucous, etc...  So, this has been a week of staying inside and trying to get well.  Martin leaves on his trip tomorrow for 7 days, so I'm just praying I'll at least be back to 100% by tonight.  

I got my schedule figured out for my week alone - on Sunday my sister is coming to stay with me for 3 days, then I'm going to my parents until the 4th of July.  Looks like it will be a full and busy week.  

On another note, on Wednesday my sister called me hysterically crying and said that she was out jogging with her dog Skye, and Skye had a seizure and died on the side of the road in her arms.  I was so sad for her!! She has had her dog for over 7 years (he was part Akida) and they didn't know anything was wrong with her.  She held him on the sidewalk just crying and ran to a stranger's house to use the phone.  She went back to the dog and someone drove by and helped to load Skye into his pickup truck and they took her back to my parent's house.  My mom came home and they both took her to an animal shelter.  So sad....  That is pretty much the worst way to lose a pet!  

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  1. Sorry! I have been praying that you would feel better. There's nothing worse than sick mama and babies - I too have been there!