Friday, November 7, 2008

My Heart is Broken

Tonight we went back to the hospital... we visited Jess and her baby, but we also really wanted to see Omar again. I cannot get him off of my mind. Now that I have met this precious little boy, I feel so compelled to help him, and a heavy responsibility.

I heard tonight that whatever the mother said happened to him was so horrific that the nurses do not want to even speak about it. But they only have the mother's story, and they are not sure if can should believe her. She is only allowed to see him for 2 hours a week, so there is obviously an investigation going on. All they really know for sure is that his head trauma was so severe that he lost all motor control and his ability to speak (he was also thought to be blind and deaf earlier, like I mentioned yesterday).

But what gripped my heart tonight more than anything was that he was crying and crying when we got there. The nurse said he was probably hungry (he was about to have his first real meal), but when she lifted him out of his crib, he just held onto her and buried his head into her chest. He just wanted to be held. That's all.... And I just wanted to cry all over again. He probably only gets held about 10 minutes a day. The rest of the time he just sits there in the crib, or gets out for physical therapy. Oh, my heart is breaking.

The nurse told us that they are really hoping to find him a home if only someone would take him in... and yet again, we were at a loss. Our home is too small for us to be approved for this. The foster home he is placed in will need to have a medical clearance as well. Please continue to pray for this sweet boy.

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