Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Strawberry Caper

I've been feeling so sad lately about Omar that it was good that I woke up and had a good laugh this morning. My boys have still not really adjusted to daylight-savings yet (and neither have I). Jaden is getting there, but Micah is waking up around 6am every morning. He used to wake up between 7-7:30. So he is usually up before us, tip-toeing around the house so we can't even hear him, until we hear the pantry cupboard close loudly or the fridge door close, and we know he's been up to something. This morning I kept hearing a "crinkling" type of sound and new he was into some sort of food. Sure enough, here were my clues...

(Hopefully you didn't notice how filthy the bottom of my fridge is. I'm adding that to my rarely gotten to "To-Do" list :)

1 entire pound of strawberries, eaten by a very happy 3 year old = priceless.

A boy who hasn't been entirely potty trained poop-wise = not fun. :) Sorry.
So, we have to do something about our early  morning scavenger.... not sure yet what that will be.

Here's a picture of Jaden, who loves wearing sunglasses. He wants to wear them all the time.

And when he can't find his sunglasses, no worries, Mr. Potato Head's will do just fine. Only they won't fit on his head, so he wears them on his neck. Jaden is always sure to give us a good laugh every day.

Oh, the joy of boys :)


  1. Jaimie...that was so hilarious! I loved reading that...I needed a good laugh.

  2. Cute boy! Love all the pics to go with the caper. My Owen loves strawberries too but he's not getting them by himself yet :) My girls won't come downstairs by themselves unless I tell them to. . . Ella's big enough to get cold cereal for everyone, but usually they hang out with Owen until I get in there.