Monday, August 17, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

I did NOT decide to finally do a "Not Me" Monday post after almost a year of reading them, because I do NOT always forget what I was going to write when I sit down to blog on Mondays!

This week:

I certainly did NOT decide to save money by dying my own hair (read THAT post below) and learned a big lesson.

I most CERTAINLY did not hear my son say to me "Mommy, your tummy is getting fat like a ball!" and then decide that finally I am going to lose weight.

I did NOT start eating really healthy this week as a result of said-comment above, along with seeing recent pictures of myself where I was appalled.

I have NOT lost 2.5 pounds in 2 days, JUST by cutting the junk food out of my diet.

I did NOT find myself stressed out yesterday in the toilet paper aisle at Target, overwhelmed by the choices. I did NOT tell the man next to me "I am so overwhelmed right now!" because I was trying to find the softest paper for the cheapest price. I did NOT have to settle again for scratchy toilet paper because it was the cheapest option and we're trying to save money. I guess I will just have to wait for my Charmin Extra-Soft in the future.

I did NOT sing the song "You are My Sunshine" to Micah in the car yesterday, only to hear him ask 20 questions about the song, like "Who do you call 'Sunshine', Mommy? My name is Micah" and "Why did you take the sunshine away?" and "Where did the sunshine go?" and finally I did NOT hear him ask "Why are you laughing at me?"

I did NOT stay in my pajamas twice this week until noon!

There- I did it!! My first NOT ME Monday. Won't you do it too?


  1. Hooray - congratulations on your first Not Me Monday! Loved reading it all, especially about the song "You Are My Sunshine". I can just hear all the questions my 3 yr. old would be asking me about that song if I hadn't been singing it to him since birth. I'm sure one day the questions about it will come...

  2. You only wore your pajamas until noon? I usually stay in mine all day--even if I have to leave the house. =)

  3. hahaha.. that was great!! I love how u are REAL & down to earth! Micah sounds like our 4yr old, except mine tells me NOT to sing to him. (lol)

  4. UGh, the toilet paper gets me EVERY TIME! Paper towels too. I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of every time I buy TP.