Saturday, August 1, 2009

Labor & Delivery Photo Shoot

On Thursday morning I got the call at 2:45am - my friend was in labor and going to the hospital! She had asked me if I would photograph the entire event, so I headed over at about 4:15am. This was the second birth that I had the privilege of attending to be moral support as well as to photograph. My friend G was having an "all natural" birth with a doula, and I had never actually seen that done before. I was so in awe of her strength and tenacity through it all. She did wonderfully, had no complications at all, and delivered her baby boy at 10am. I had been praying all morning that she would have her baby by 10am, since I could tell she was getting more and more tired. She had been up since 1:30am that morning and had barely had any sleep the night before that as well. God heard my prayer, and the baby was born at exactly 10am!

During the pushing, her husband ran over to me and told me I could "get right in there", and so I did! I think those were the best pictures I have ever taken - not the prettiest ones :) but the most life-changing pictures for sure. I won't post those, though :)

Here are a few of the pictures from the day:

I have realized now that being a photographer for the past 3 years has made me not enjoy any event unless I have my camera on me! It is almost like I cannot see an event anymore without envisioning what pictures would be awesome. I truly love taking pictures, but my favorite pictures are the ones that are not posed at all - they are just natural poses of joy, laughter, tears, etc... I hope I can do more labor & delivery photo shoots like this!


  1. beautiful! I love seeing new life....

  2. Incredible! I can't even imagine photographing a birth, what a blessing that must have been to be part of such a miracle moment (well not really a moment, but event). Great photos! I feel the same way when I find myself without my camera - it just tears me up!