Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working From Home

When I was pregnant with Micah, I switched from working full time to part time, at a company that would allow me to work from 9am-1pm. My bosses were two very understanding, Christian men who joked with me that I probably wouldn't want to come back after I had the baby, because their wives had both made the same decision. I wasn't sure, but knew we needed the money and could not pay our rent unless I worked. When Micah was around six weeks old it came time for me to go back to work, and I was just devastated. I cried and cried about having to leave my new baby with a babysitter while I was at work, at a job I didn't particularly enjoy anyway. The night before I was going to the office to tell them I could start back on Monday, Martin and I went out to dinner. He said he had been praying about it and we should just take a BIG step of faith, and I should quit my job. As much as that was music to my ears, I was petrified.

That very night, without us having told anyone, my brother called me and said that he wanted to hire me to edit wedding photographs for his business. We had many conversations about that prior, but they never turned into anything. This time, though, he meant business. He was coming up the next day with a computer and all the supplies I would need. The next day I was able to go into my old job and tell them I was quitting, and that I was going to be working from home as a photo editor.

It has now been 4 years since we made that decision. I can honestly say that it was the best decision we ever made. Sometimes we just have to take a step of faith before God shows us the next step, and that's what we had to do. Thankfully for us it all fell into place very quickly, but we've still had other situations where we took a big step and nothing happened for months. Either way, though, God is always faithful to follow through when we are obedient.

Working from home is not fun, and it is not easy. Sure, I can sit in my pajamas and don't have to report to the office, but there are major drawbacks as well. For one - it is REALLY hard to get your work done when you're working from home. Especially with 2 kids. So when do I work? Usually 8pm-12am, four to five nights a week. I would much rather be relaxing after a long day with screaming children, or watching TV, or doing all the chores that await me. But the work has to get done. Not every week is that way; there are other weeks where I don't have any work (and no money coming in), or a slow week of 2-3 nights of work. But this past 2 weeks it has been about 20 hours a week. Still, I am so incredibly thankful. Almost every day I am thanking God that I have this opportunity.

This is my workstation right now- a mess. See the bowl of hummus? That is my lunch today since I'm working (er- blogging) during the boys' nap time:

I was sitting here last night, wishing I had something to listen to, when I got on I-Tunes and downloaded the podcasts for Focus on the Family. I listened to a four part series on "Screaming Mothers." It was so interesting and I learned how to be a better mother!! So now at least I have something to listen to!

Today is Martin's last day of work for 4 weeks. Our church gives their pastors a sabbatical every seven years. It is amazing!! They also give one week prior and one week after to transition. Tomorrow we leave for Morro Bay for 4 days, with our friends Kurt & Anna. We are SO looking forward to this trip. This will be our third time there with them. The rest of the sabbatical, we have various things planned, but it is really a time for Martin to rest, reflect and renew his energy. It will be so nice to have him around more, and be able to have a free schedule.

Tune in next week for Morro Bay pics!!

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  1. I am so glad that the two of you took that step of faith with your job!! God always comes thru for his children, awesome story!!
    I'm thinking about doing some type of part time work as well, I want my sweetie home more.. Work + kids really can take a toll on your marriage if you don't have the right balance. Pray that God opens up the right door for me! :)

    Hope you have an AWESOME time on your trip!!! How wonderful is that? Can't wait to see your pics! =)