Monday, August 17, 2009

Stupid Things People Do... and Pancakes!!

Last night I got the brilliant idea to save $70-80 and highlight my hair myself. It has been years since I've attempted this, because the few times I tried this I ended up with orange hair or too-yellow hair, or big blotches. I thought this time would be different. I was wrong. See for yourself.

The good news is that Martin is on sabbatical, so I won't have to see many people I know for the next 4 weeks!! :) And I can hide the big blonde patch pretty easily. The bad news is that I need to either let it grow out or pay the money to get it fixed! Oh well.... live and learn! I am beyond the point where things like this bother me too much anymore! (I have found that since becoming a mom, the phrase "oh well, who cares?!" comes out of my mouth more than it used to!)

I got inspired by reading MckMama's blog on pancakes, to start trying my own pancake recipes. Micah LOVES eating pancakes for breakfast, but I know that just plain old white pancakes are not that nutritious for him. I picked up some Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Bran and Flaxseed Meal, and I have been sprinkling them in just about everything! I take plain pancake mix (or I make it myself, but only when I have time), and I add some wheat bran and flaxseed (not too much or the pancakes will become tough). If you do add a little too much, just add more water. Anyway, Micah doesn't notice at all, and the lite syrup seems to cover any slight taste their might be. When I add blueberries, he especially loves them and will snack on them all day long!

You can also sprinkle the flaxseed meal in yogurt, fruit smoothies, applesauce, etc... Just a little and they'll never know it is in there! Flaxseed meal can also be used as a substitute for egg in many recipes. You can use the whole wheat flakes for baking cookies, cupcakes, etc... Just sprinkle some in your regular batter and you have just added more nutrition!

**You can find Bob's Red Mill packages at your regular supermarket, in the healthy food aisle, or at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or any natural health food store. They run about $3 a bag.

P.S. This is my 180th post! I am going to do my first ever blog giveaway on my 200th post, so stay tuned!!


  1. That is so funny Jaimie! It doesn't look THAT bad! I always think of my hair color when trying to cut corners and so far have vowed that this is not something I can afford to skimp on. :)

  2. Those pictures are hilarious! Kudos to you for trying it. I agree, it doesn't look that bad :)

  3. Cute Jaimie :) I color from a box all the time but I've never tried highlights - I'm chicken LOL!

  4. I did that MORE THAN ONCE Jme!I ended up buying a "brown" tinted shampoo at walmart and it helped hide the BIG BLONDE BLOTCH :D

    Good luck with that!

  5. You are SO adorable in those pics!! I didn't even notice the hair lol. Girl, you haven't seen bad hair until you've seen some pics I have from several years ago when the "new girl" colored my bright blonde hair "brown" then re-bleached blonde highlights leaving me with HUGE chunks missing, green/brownish hair and frizzy ends. You look gorgeous compared to that!! lol. At least u gave it a try! I think we've all done that in some way or another. I've found that it's best to leave it to the pro's. Well, unless it's their first week there maybe .. ;)

    LOVE the article on the healthy pancakes! I almost stopped giving our 4yr old them b/c of that very reason, unhealthy white flour. I will look @ our healthfood store and get some of that. That's an awesome idea! TYVM for posting this.

  6. Oh, have you ever read this blog?
    She's got lots of good recipes including a homemade pancake mix that's easy. I add flaxseed to it too. We also LOVE LOVE LOVE the waffles. I need to make those. It's been a while.