Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday Funnies

It's been awhile since I posted a Friday Funnies post, so I have been saving up some funny stuff for you!  Well, at least I think it's funny :)

-Micah came to me whining one day and said, "Mommy, I want a kid friend and Jaden won't play with me!"

-We were talking about the Spanish language, and I asked Micah "What's daddy's name in Spanish?"  He replied, "Barbie!!"

-Micah saw a small figurine of the Statue of Liberty and said, "Hey! There's the US guy!"

-Jaden loves playing "Pretend Preschool" every single day.  He refers to me by a different name every day - I'm usually Mrs. McCamant (his current teacher), but this week he kept referring to me as "Ethan's Mom."   Today he told me his name was "Brooke" and had me call him Brooke until he went to bed.

-We have caught our boys calling each other "stubo" and figured out that they are trying to call each other "stupid."  We have to discipline them the same way as though they were calling each other "stupid," but it is funny to raise our voices and say, "Stop calling him stubo!!"

-I asked Micah what he wants to be when he grows up, and he said, "A soccer player, and a blast off man!" (That means an astronaut).

-This week's car conversation trumps any other car conversation that we have ever had.  A moth was trapped in the car, and Micah asked how moths are born.  I told him that they come from eggs that their mommies lay (that's true, right?).  He then wanted to know how the eggs come OUT of the mommies.  "Ummmmm......Well, the mommy moths have a little opening that the eggs come out of."  Micah said, "the mommies have a hole that the egg comes out of, like we have a hole that poop comes out of?"  I replied, "Um, kindof!"  He said, "Well, how did I come out of you?"  I replied, "Well, um, mommies have a hole too that babies come out of!"  End of story.  Changed the subject.  That was weird.  I hope I haven't scarred my child forever!

-And lastly, at dinner last night, Jaden was FULL of energy and told us a story that was 30 minutes long, talking non-stop without barely a breath in between.  He was so animated, and although we couldn't understand everything he was saying, he was so cute and we could not stop laughing.  I love especially the clip between 2:00-4:00.   He is a funny boy!


  1. Oh my gosh how PRECIOUS!! Micah NEVER talked that much LOL! I think it's hilarious how you guys tried to end the story a few times and Micah was all "No, that's not all." Hahahahahaha! Oh my, I just love those boys!

  2. Oh my word!!! He's a total crackup!!! I just want to squeeze him!!! :) Your funnies are great too! I love that Martin is Barbie :D Hilarious!!

  3. Oh My Gosh...the story about the moth had me busting up! How hilarious! I love your Friday funnies!