Monday, November 15, 2010

A Short Getaway

This past week we had plans to go up to Big Bear on Thursday & Friday, but found out on Tuesday that our friends couldn't go.  I was moping around on Wednesday, bummed out about it, and thought I'd just call a "connection" we had to see if we could stay in Lake Arrowhead instead.  He said "Sure!" but we'd have to come up Friday-Saturday instead, and so we decided to do it.  The place we stayed at is a Christian camp (the same place we got engaged), that lets ministers use one of their cabins for free.  It is such a blessing and an added bonus that the place has so many memories for us (I have been going there since I was 15).

We stayed at this same camp in March of last year when it was snowing:

This time it wasn't snowing, but it was a cold 45 degrees the entire time.  We packed a LOT into less than 24 hours: we went to the park, had a picnic, took a hike, went out to dinner, took another hike, played Scrabble, and went to Lake Arrowhead Village.  We left after lunch on Saturday, so it was fast!

It is amazing how refreshing it can be to just get away for one night.  I was badly needing it, too.  I came home refreshed, energized, and so happy.  Today I am thankful that we were able to take such a short drive to be in "paradise" for just a few hours.  Where do you like to get away to?


  1. The boys look so much bigger! :) I love that camp too. I've gone there since I was 7! Crazy! And the "folks" that run it have known my family since before I was born. Crazy small world huh?? :)

  2. So glad you got to get away! Get away? We don't do that much! We did stay in downtown SD for a night a few months back thanks to a friend who works at a hotel and that was fun! We are determined to get away next year for our 10th anniversary!

  3. Beautiful pics! Glad you guys got to get away.