Friday, December 3, 2010

28 Things

So, these emails have been going around for years and just keep popping up.  Yet somehow they are still fun, because our answers are always changing as we get older.  Here is the latest version of "28 Things About Me" (as if you wanted to know) ;)

1) If I could have any job right this second, it would be traveling and speaking.
2) If I could not travel and speak, I would like to work with foster kids.
3) I am a total extrovert-introvert.  (Make that introvert-extrovert)
4) I have been known to hide in stores to avoid people I know.  (See #3)
5) I am currently obsessed with parking at the beach and staying there until I see dolphins.  (My kids aren't big fans of that unfortunately).
6) My love languages are: acts of service and gift giving.
7) My love languages are NOT: physical closeness and words of encouragement.  But they are my husband's and so I am working on it :)
8) If I could spend a day with anyone in the world right now, it would be Beth Moore.  (I know you're disappointed I didn't say you, but I would love to spend a day with you too).
9) My favorite place to vacation is in the woods, preferably near a lake.
10) I cannot handle being around people with lots of drama in their life, or who get offended easily.
11) I have lived in California all of my life, in both southern and northern parts.
12) I was a pastor's kid until I was 15, and wrote my Master's Thesis on "The Identity Formation of Pastor's Kids"
13) My main goal in life (up until college) was to be a professional singer.  That is, until I auditioned for the choir in college and found out that I was a very small fish in a very big pond.
14) I have not changed a whole lot since high school.  My hair is the same, my clothes are the same, and my favorite colors are the same :)  I have just toned my bangs down a bit.
15) I am more of a "glass half-empty" sort of gal, and am working on it.
16) Someday we want to adopt a little girl, age 7 or older, out of the foster care system.
17) In my photography business, I enjoy the editing of the photos more than the taking of them.
18) One of my most embarrassing moments happened at church last year, when I slipped in the lobby and did the full-on SPLITS in front of everyone in. a. dress.  (I put periods on the ends of those words just. for. you. youknowwhoyouare) ;)
19) The only movies I rent are comedies.
20) My favorite candy is See's Candy, preferably the raspberry truffle.
21) High maintenance people really frustrate me.
22) I might be a high maintenance person.
23) My favorite birthday tradition is going to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Heather and then going thrift-store shopping afterwards :)
24) I really have no hobbies except for blogging (and Facebook).
25) I also eat way too much.
26) I find my greatest joy when I'm ministering to others.
27) I married an incredible man whom God has graced with incredible patience for all of my weaknesses.
28) I love my life and am a blessed woman!

Now it's your turn!!


  1. I loved crashing your birthday tradition celebrations before I left.

  2. I. love. 18. thankyouverymuch!
    I should talk to you about the love languages thing. We have the same conflict here. Except we're the opposite of you guys. Maybe I can even shed some light on it for YOU from M's perspective. :)
    P.s...I don't think you're high maintenance. :D