Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Adventures

I love the rain, especially when it rains during Christmas time.  Since we don't really have "seasons" here in Southern California, the rain is as close as we get to feeling like it's winter.  When "Stormwatch 2010" showed up on the news, I got a little excited.  It's never as bad as they predict, though, at least where we live.  Oh well....

Last Monday we were set to have my family over for Christmas dinner, and the power went out that day.  Normally that would make me happy (seriously, I think it's fun!) but I had the crock pot on and numerous items cooking.  Thankfully it only lasted about 20 minutes and everything got cooked.

Two days before Christmas, Jaden bit a huge hole in his last pacifier.  I have written for at least a year about our numerous efforts to get him off of the "binky", as we call it, but nothing (and I mean nothing) had worked.  When you have a child as LOUD as Jaden, the binky is a welcome respite to the noise and crying as it soothes him immediately.  I admit I was in no big hurry to get rid of it, as it has saved me many a headache.  But alas, he started to bite them and we only had ONE left.  He knew it was the end, and I think he had been prepared already for about a week since there had already been a small hole in it.

NICE, huh?!  He has now officially been binky-free for 5 nights!  He hasn't even asked for it once. However, the binky was the one thing that made him take his naps, and since it has been gone he has not taken one nap.  Oh well, you win some - you lose some.  At 3 1/2 years old, he finally did it!

On Christmas Eve we merged services with another church and had a candle-lit service.  It was the first night in over 5 years that we got to sit as a whole family together, since Martin only had to lead 1 song and not the whole service.

At midnight that night, Martin opened our bedroom window for some air, and when he went to close it, the wood separated from the window and it shattered.  There we were, at 12:01am on Christmas morning, duct-taping cardboard to our window.  Another fun adventure!  It is getting repaired this week, but the room has been a little cooler at night, especially because of the rain.

Christmas morning was full of laughter and wonder as the boys woke up at 7am, rushed out to the living room and opened presents.  Jaden got a new bike and took off on it like he had always been riding! (Unfortunately my camera malfunctioned and I lost the cutest photos and videos of the first time he rode - boo!!) :(

And no Christmas would be complete without our yearly bout with the stomach flu.  Jaden threw up in his Sunday School class, then a few hours later Micah got it, and then a few hours later I got it.  We've been in bed for about 2 days now, but thankfully I think it is passing now.

All of our Christmas decorations are put away now, and we are looking forward to the New Year.
I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!


  1. Those ARE some adventures!! Glad everyone is on the mend!

  2. Nice bike, from a children author