Sunday, March 13, 2011

A $10 Baby Shower Gift

Let's say you were invited to a baby shower, but you really don't have money for an expensive gift.  You think, "Maybe I just shouldn't go..."  Fear not, my friend!! I have a cute idea for you that a new mom will love, and it will only cost you $10 (or less)!

This is a "Labor Survival Kit" - or whatever cute name you want to call it.

I headed out to my local 99 cent store (you could also try The Dollar Tree), and picked up the following supplies:

-Cute bucket
-Cozy socks
-Jelly Beans
-Energy  Trail Mix
-Word Finds book (or any activity book)
-A small candle
-Tea bags
-A card

10 items for only $10

Now, I realize you have to be careful when shopping at these stores.  Some of the items can be tacky.  I personally do not buy their lotions, soaps or bath gels because they all smell old or funny to me.  A pregnant mom may also be sensitive to smells, so keep that in mind.

You can even use supplies from your own house to save even more money (or add items).  I had an unopened package of Black Cherry Tea that I included, along with a candle and a red organza bag to put it in.  I had some ribbon lying around that I used to wrap around the bucket.

This is a small gift that can be given on its own, or you can combine it with something else if you want.  I have been giving friends Diaper Cakes lately, and this is another side gift I include (stay tuned, I will be posting how to make a cute diaper cake later this week).

You can even make a funny version of this bucket.  Other ideas of items to include that might be on the more humorous side could include:

-Hemorroidal Cream
-Extra Strength Tylenol
-Ear Plugs
-A Pregnancy Test
-An ice pack
-A funny CD of music that can be played during labor (the 99 cent store has some hysterical titles)
-A "Big Hunk" bar for the husband
-Stool softener pills

What other ideas can you think of from the 99 cent store?  These gifts are sure to bring a little comfort or a little laughter to a new mom.  Now you have no excuse; head on out to that baby shower! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing - great budget friendly gift!

  2. GREAT IDEA...i love adding the chapstick!

  3. stool softener? That is a gift I would never imagine receiving :)...but it's very practical.

  4. Fun idea! I can see this basic idea working for so many gift-giving occasions!