Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Minute Easter Crafts

Eeek!! Easter just snuck up on us this year, didn't it?  It is so strange having it later in April, and for some reason it just hit me today that it is only 6 days away!  I scrambled online looking for ways to celebrate Easter, and came across some cute crafts.  My plan is to do one each day leading up to Easter, taking time each day to reflect on what Easter is all about with my children.  I hope this helps you, too, as you prepare for Easter Sunday!

Day 1- Dye Easter Eggs (I am picking up a simple kit from the 99 cent store)

Day 2: Window Silhouettes (again, you can pick up these supplies from the 99 cent store)

Day 3:  Handprint Lilies

Day 4: New Life Seed

Day 5: Make an Easter Garden

Day 6: Easter Egg Hunt (on Easter)

I was going to be really cute and clever and post Scripture readings for each day too.  I didn't actually have time to do that today, but I did run across this website that has a great Easter e-book you can download and go through with your kids, complete with Scriptures, crafts, recipes and memory verses. You can even make a lapbook with your child and download the pictures for free.  I actually downloaded the lapbook and sample chapters from An Easter Adventure tonight and loved the book.

Happy Easter Week!

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