Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Pinterest} You Know You're a Pinner If....

Pinterest.  Beautiful, fun, addictive - it's a like a video game for women.  Only now men are catching on too.  If you're not sure what Pinterest is, it is a giant bulletin board of all of your favorite things from the web in one place.  Yet it's more than that - it's the "best of the best" from the web: recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, fun ideas for kids, quotes, and hundreds of more good things.  You can create your own boards of things you're interested in, and then "pin" photos to your boards. This way everything you like is in one place, on one site, and categorized well.

There are so many fun things to do on Pinterest that it can start taking over your life - in a good way, of course.  Here is my Top 10 list (in David Letterman-style) of things you probably do if you're on Pinterest.

You Know You're a Pinner If....

1.  You have 5 sweaters missing arms because you've decided to make boot leg warmers!

2.  You have hot glue scars all over your hands, but tell everyone they are from Pinterest and wear them proudly!


3.  You are on some kind of 30 Day Fitness Plan.
4.  You are looking cuter than usual lately!

5.  Suddenly you're the best cook on the block!
6.  You have bags under your eyes and repeat in your sleep, "Just. One. More. Pin!"

7. You check Pinterest before Google!
(I just had to post this one - too funny) :)

8.  You have pallets lying around "just for fun."

9.  You have at least 2 projects in your house made out of burlap.

10. 30 days ago you had never sewed, and now you're Martha Stewart.

What would you add to the list?  ;)  If you are not on Pinterest and would like an invite, leave a comment with your email and I'll be sure to send you an invite. Sometimes that is faster than requesting to join yourself.  If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, you can do so here.  Thanks for visiting, and "Happy Pinning!"

(Here's a prettier version if you want to "Pin It"!)


  1. I am so addicted to Pinterest. Recipes are my favorite things to pin. I've even managed to try a few.

  2. What a fun idea: "you know you're a pinner if..." love it. My hot glue gun is seriously a hot mess. I can't even believe I put that on my blog. hahah. It's true life, though. It stays looking like that!

  3. I've avoided the craze thus far but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to hold out much longer :)