Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Burlap Wreath

Ah, November...my favorite month of the year.  As a friend said today, "November is like the Thursday of the week."  This is the month where the autumn scents are at their finest, the wind makes everything smell fresh and clean, and you are reminded to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. I also like November because it is the "calm before the storm" of Christmas flurry and activity, of "give me" lists, and parties galore.

November seemed the perfect time to make a fall burlap wreath.  I had seen these on Pinterest and thought I would attempt to make one myself. It's not perfect, but it was relatively easy and I like the "rustic" look of it.  Best of all, it only cost about $5!

It is Tuesday, so I'm joining Home Stories of A 2 Z's "Tutorials and Tips" link up party today.

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What you will need:
-A 12" wreath form (I used a pool noodle - another idea I found on Pinterest!)
-One yard of burlap
-Hot glue gun (and lots of hot glue sticks)
-Any embellishments you want (I used ribbon and silk leaves)

Step 1:
-Make your wreath form.  I used a pool noodle that had been cut in half and taped it with clear packing tape.

(Please excuse the poor quality of the photos - it was after 9pm at night and I used my point and shoot).

-Cut your burlap in 6" strips. It doesn't matter which direction you cut.

Step 2:
-Using 4 strips of burlap, wrap around your wreath form, and secure with hot glue.

Step 3:
This was the most challenging part.  Take a strip of burlap and fold it in half.  Start to make folds with your fingers.  Place on the wreath and secure with large dollops of hot glue :)  This is messy, but you want it to be secure.  Continue gathering and folding all the way around the wreath with your remaining strips, using hot glue underneath and in between the folds of the burlap.  This is where your many hot glue sticks come in handy.

Step 4:
Cut off the loose strings and ends of the burlap wreath.

Step 5:
I chose a brown ribbon and hot glued it to the burlap wreath, in a ripple-type manner.  I thought this added to the rustic look. At the end, I finished it off with a simple bow.

Step 6:
Add your embellishments.  For this wreath I used a few small silk leaves as an accent.

This wreath is simple, but looks great on our front screen door.  To secure it to our screen, I used wire that was strung through the back of the wreath into the screen.  The wreath is not heavy, so it is not pulling on the screen door.

(Oh, our screen door is ugly, you think?  I agree. What is with those peacocks?  We are renters.  Not much we can do about it, but it does add to the rustic look, I guess!)  :)

Enjoy your new fall burlap wreath!


  1. I'd be glad to buy that screen from you and your renter. I love peacocks. :)