Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun at Disneyland

This year my dad was turning 60, and I asked him what he would like for his birthday.  "To go to Disneyland or Claim Jumper," was his response, and I knew I just had to make one of those happen.  I contacted my brother and sister, and we all sprung into action, trying to find discounted tickets to Disneyland so that we could all afford to go. This is the one time Craigslist actually came in handy for Disneyland tickets, as the park hoppers were expiring that week and a few people were selling them who couldn't use the 2nd day.  We were nervous going in, not 100% sure they would work, but all 5 tickets worked and we all got in!!  My ticket, in fact, was good for CA Adventure and Disneyland, and I happened to get there an hour before my family, and immediately I knew what I had to do.

After I entered Disneyland and made sure my ticket worked, I raced over to CA Adventure, and made a beeline for California Screamin' - probably my favorite roller coaster ever.  Somehow it can handle my 35 year old body and not leave me needing to see a chiropractor, having whiplash, or my bra coming unsnapped.  Huffing and puffing after running almost a mile to get there, I ran into the "single rider" line and waited my turn.  One minute later I was sitting next to a living Ken doll- some young whipper-snapper with blonde hair and blue eyes who might just have been a Disney prince off-duty.  He looked over at my awkwardly, wondering why I hopped into the empty seat next to him so fast, but then we were off.  Oh, did I mention I was really sick with laryngitis?  So here I was on a roller-coaster, next to some stranger, screaming with no sound coming out of my mouth.  Like this....

Seriously, it was so funny. Afterwards, he and his two lady friends (in front of us) and I all raced to the photo booth and snapped our pictures with our phones, laughing and glancing at each other embarrassed, knowing we shared this funny moment and would never see each other again.

Right when I got off the ride, my family let me know they had arrived, and our fun day began. It is quite a different experience going to D-land as an adult with no kids - it was awesome!! I was not forced to stand in line for the Dumbo ride, but went straight for Star Tours and Space Mountain.  There were moments where I really missed my kids and wished they were there, but it was also fun being with my family, since all of us together had not been to Disneyland in probably 15 years.

It was historic occasion, as my sister is getting married in 2 weeks, and it was the last time we would all be together before she is officially "all growed up." :(

Here we are waiting for the parade, when I realized that I officially had pink eye.  For most of the day I had no voice, except for about 2 hours when it magically reappeared and then went away again.  Sure, I was sick, but it was so worth it!

We ate lunch at the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ - WOW.  You have to go eat there, but I do recommend eating there for lunch as it's about $23 per person, and dinner prices go up to about $35 or $40 a person.

Here we are on the canoe ride - more like "slave labor"- but it was still fun.

It was a GREAT day - it could not have been better, and what a fun way to bring in a 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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  1. Thank you so much, honey! We had so much fun, and will never forget this awesome day!!