Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Day My Kids Ate Spinach

It was a miracle. I may have even shed a little tear.  Yesterday my boys consumed an entire cup of spinach each (and didn't even know it).

It's called the Green Monster Spinach Smoothie, and I found it on Pinterest.


It was the one time I've actually had all of the ingredients already on-hand for a recipe - woo hoo!

The boys drank their whole cup without stopping for a breath; they LOVED it.  I did too.

They asked why it was green; I just told them it had lots of fruits and veggies.  They mainly tasted the banana and peanut butter; there was no hint of spinach on the taste buds after drinking this smoothie.  Put it in a sippy cup, put it in a coffee mug - hide it however you want - they will love it.

You can find the recipe here - this is going to be our new breakfast smoothie!


  1. You can pretty much make any smoothie and as long as it includes banana, it will mask spinach! I've eaten a lot of those too :)

  2. I swear I think that's the exact same picture I saw on Pinterest that inspired me to start drinking green smoothies back in in October! My daughter and I love them now! She tries to drink the whole thing and not even share any with me! And good for you, too!