Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Body Blues

You ever have those months where your clothes just don't fit anymore?  Yes, I said months.  For some odd reason, my body has been changing the past few months and I have been gaining weight.  Embarrassing to admit, I must say, but hey, if everyone else can see it, why not just bring attention to the elephant in the room, right?  (No pun intended)  I keep thinking something must be up with my thyroid.  Of course, that's what all women want to think is happening when they gain weight, right?  Over the past 2-3 months I have gained about 10 pounds and have no idea why.  I am not eating any differently, and I am actually wogging more than normal.   (Wogging= My walking/jogging routine).  I know for a fact that it is not muscle, either.  There is definitely new jiggle going on.  I know I'm not pregnant, in case you were wondering.  Maybe it's just that my 32 years have caught up with me and my metabolism came to a screeching halt.  Whatever it is, I don't like it.  I don't like opening my armoire and closet everyday to dozens of outfits I can no longer wear.  I don't like getting wedgies.  I don't like that I feel I still need to cover up just to go in my backyard pool.  Not fun.  And the worst part about all of this is the "gain effect".  You know - how it affects every other area of your life?   You feel gross about yourself so you aren't in a happy mood.  You just want to wallow in junk food.  You want to lay on the couch and feel sorry for yourself.  You size every other woman up who walks by thinking "am I bigger or smaller than her?"  (and the people you are smaller than becomes a dwindling population).  

When your weight bothers you, everything else seems to bother you too.  Like tonight - I'm really annoyed at the length of my bangs.  They're just so annoying, and I can't fix them until they grow out a little more.  Ugh!  And then my ankles - I have all of these flea bites on my ankles and it looks like I'm a drug addict down there.  We don't even have animals!  Where are all of these freakin' fleas coming from?  (Sorry - I know that word is like cussing to some people - including me).  But I just feel like cussin'!  :)  

So, I guess I'm in a funk.  Tonight I'm in a bad mood.  Sorry you just had to witness it.  I hope your ankles and bangs are doing just fine.


  1. I like wogging! I just walk, even without the kids like I did after bedtime last night, bad knees. Sorry that your body isn't cooperating. I've been there. Honestly, still am there most days. Part of me wants to throw in the towel, telling myself that this is the body you have when you've had 4 kids. . . but then I know I can be fit (or more fit) and healthy for myself and my family. It depends on the day and how good or bad a day I've had.

    I recently joined this group - to help me be accountable and have a set time frame to work within. . . Don't know if you'd be interested but it available.


    Hope your day is better today :) When does M come home?

  2. Okay...Jaimie...you had me laughing out loud with this post. I've totally been there with the clothes/weight thing. I have pants that I still cannot fit into, and even though I really haven't changed anything (i.e., eating habits, excercising), I still try them on every once in a while to see if they fit...wishful thinking I guess.

  3. I am so right there with you. I wonder too if this is just how your body fights after 30 but I finally made an appt for a physical to ask the doctor. I haven't had a physical in too long anyways. I have a bin labeled skinny clothes that lingers over my head literally in my garage. I think it is more of a depressant than a motivator. It was meant to motivate. Whoops!