Monday, May 19, 2008

Moments of Grace

I have been realizing lately how important it is to have daily "Moments of Grace" as mothers. A "Moment of Grace" to me is a time during my day that is special, uninterrupted, and something I enjoy. It can be as short as 2 minutes long, or on a good day, even longer. During these moments, I have begun to stop and give thanks to God, and cherish every second that I have of that moment. This week, my moments of grace have included:

-Eating a bowl of cereal by myself and getting to read the paper for 10 minutes while Jaden was napping and Micah was watching a cartoon
-Putting my makeup on!
-Getting a cool shower before going to bed while the boys were sleeping
-Having a long phone conversation with a good friend while waiting for an appointment
-Spending some quality time with God early in the morning
-Praying in the car while driving somewhere in complete silence
-Sleeping in until 8am while Martin gave the boys breakfast

In talking with some good friends, I've heard some of them say that they don't really have these moments during the day. It is so important that we make time to create these moments. I know for some people it is almost impossible - with husbands working long hours, many children to take care of, working from home, etc... But it is SO worth it. These make us better mothers, better wives, better friends. Yes, our families must come first, but I believe that God gives us these little special moments throughout the day, if we just look for them and appreciate them! What are your "Moments of Grace"?


  1. Hey Jaimie!! I couldn't agree with you more. Those moments are hard to come by sometimes but thanks for reminding me I need to appreciate them more.

    I found your blog through Alicia's blog. So fun being able to hear what you are up to. Your family is beautiful!

  2. So true! I have harder days and easier days finding those bits of time to myself - I often take a longer shower if it is one of those days. =)