Monday, August 25, 2008

What Do You Want To Be?

Today M left for his Christian Songwriter's Conference up north.  Part of me is so sad I can't be there.  I've written songs since I was about 14 years old and have a few hundred in a notebook somewhere.  Very few actually have music to them, although when I was 16 I "hit it big" when one of the worship songs I wrote became a regular fixture in the Sunday services at my church.   Since then I have dabbled a bit, but writing the music with the words never came really naturally to me. Still, I wish I could be there.  One time I met Sara Groves when she was just starting out and she said "Write for an audience of One. Even if no person ever hears your songs, just write for Him.  That is your calling."  Those words were always an encouragement to me.

So from the time I was 14 until I was about 19, I dreamed of becoming a recording artist.  Does every girl go through this stage or was it just me?  It wasn't until I was in college that I heard talent much more beautiful than mine, and I realized I probably didn't have what it took (although now I've heard some pretty bad voices out there that have made it!) :)  Truthfully, God just never opened the doors in that direction for me.  But somewhere inside, that girl still lives.  The girl that wants to sing her songs and touch people's lives.  Who knows...maybe someday, but it would be helpful to have some actual material on hand, huh?  

 As I was thinking about what I used to want to be, I remember some other top choices (besides being a singer):
-A Veterinarian (pretty much gave that one up when I found out I'd have to take loads of science classes)
-A Dolphin Trainer at Sea World  (yeah, same as above)
-An Actress (I really wanted to be Stacy in "Kids Incorporated" until I forgot my lines in a 6th grade version of "Colby" at my Christian school - that did it for me!)
-An Archaeologist (same as above, but replace "science" with "history")
-A Psychologist or Counselor (decided to major in Sociology instead)

By the time I was in college, I realized I had been called to full time ministry and knew that was my passion.  Now that I'm a mom, I know that this is the "highest calling" (rolling my eyes as I say that, like "duh"), but little did I know I'd STILL get to pursue those other jobs I once wanted to do so badly:

-Singer/Songwriter - Something I get to do daily as I write little jingles for my babies, as funny or stupid as they may sound ("Chunky thighs, I love your chunky thighs...")
-Dolphin Trainer - Training two children who can flip through the air, blow bubbles under water, do what I say for a treat - yeah, pretty much the same thing.
-An Actress- What I get to do when I go out in public with my children after they have thrown tantrums, flung their snack in my hair and didn't take their naps.
-An Archaeologist - Who knew I would one day get to search through dirt for lost artifacts, such as car keys, Lighting McQueen cars, pacifiers and the like?  I also get to navigate through water and pipes, trying to dislodge tonka trucks out of the toilet.  What fun!
-A Psychologist/Counselor - Whether it's talking a 3 year old out of a sticky social situation, calming an angry outburst, drying tears, or just counseling myself, saying "breathe, breathe", this is one job I get to do hourly.

Well, I may never get to be a singer or go to the Songwriting Conference with my husband, but at least I live at home with my fan club and they think all my songs are great. :)

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  1. So true! It's all in how you look at it :) I so wanted to be Amy Grant growing up! I've made up tons of silly stuff for the kids but rarely anything serious. My other long term dream is to open an orphanage - I've had the sense since being a mom, that my kids will probably be grown when this vision is realized.