Friday, January 2, 2009

Doing Life Over

Have you ever looked back on your life and thought, "If I could do it over, I would definitely do this..." I guess at the New Year I started reflecting on my life, because this question has been hitting my head a lot. These things aren't necessarily regrets, just things I did not do that I now think "Well, if I COULD do life over, I would do this." Here are a few:

-Learn to do a cart-wheel. Yes, it's true, I'm probably the only adult on earth that never learned to do one! :)
-Be in a few plays. Sometimes as an adult, I see a good play (I recently saw "The Sound of Music") and I think "Oh MAN! I would have loved to be in something like that!"
-Travel to another country (like Ireland or Europe or Israel) during or right after college. (Mexico and Canada don't count)
-Date more. I did make the decision not to date throughout high school, feeling "chosen of God", but looking back, I don't think one or two dates would have hurt! :)
-Dance more. Dancing was not really smiled upon in our church circles, so I didn't get much of that in.

Now, I understand that I still can do some of these things at my tender young age of 32. But trying the cart-wheel out might just break my neck. I don't have time for play practices that infringe upon my valuable TV time watching LOST. My buns can't handle being in an airplane for longer than 5 hours, so most foreign countries are out. I do date my husband, thankfully :) And the dancing - well, I get in what I can at weddings.

For the sake of not appearing like I am daily living my life in regret, here are a few things I am thankful that I WAS a part of when I was younger:

-Sang ALL the time, any place I could (solos with accompaniment tracks). I started doing that when I was about 12 and continued all the way through college.
-Had a "Jaimie W--- in Concert" night in Niland, California when I was 16. (Yes, Niland- the armpit of CA - teeny, tiny town). It was advertised with posters throughout the town. Keep in mind that the whole concert took place using a Karaoke machine (which had just come out, so they were all the rage) :)
-Lived in New York for a summer (during college) with my youth pastors' family, which was the furthest and longest I had ever been away from home.
-Went white-water rafting in Oregon with my youth group (life-threatening experience, let me tell you!)

And, more recently, bared my weight to the world to lose 23 pounds when I was on the Dr. Phil show 3x back in 2004. (If you're wondering, NO, with a capital N-O would I ever do that again!) :)

So, I guess we all have different life experiences, some good, some bad... But it seems only natural to look back and wish you had done (or hadn't done) certain things.  I would love to read yours, too! :)


  1. I thought that was you on Dr. Phil...

  2. I've never done a cartwheel either! Joe thinks that's why I have balance/clumsy issues :) And if you go far enough south in Mexico I think it does count - Mexico City is way different than Baja.