Friday, July 17, 2009

Stressed but Blessed

Today I realized that there have been a few things lately that have added up to me being pretty stressed out (and not even knowing it until now). Since this is therapeutic for me, I thought I'd just write some of them out here:

-For one, last night Jaden threw a screaming fit for an hour and 20 minutes, which left me in tears. He screamed so loud that I could still hear him screaming bloody murder outside with the windows closed. I saw our neighbor come and stand in his back yard just to listen and see what was going on. That really stressed me out, because we haven't even met him, and he probably thinks we are abusing our kids now! I kept waiting for the cops to show up. This was all over Jaden not wanting to go to bed- my nightly battle that only ends well when Martin is home and puts them to bed himself.

- This past Tuesday we met with our old landlord at our old house, for what we thought was going to be a final quick walk through, where we'd then receive our deposit back. Instead, he met us there with a couple - the woman was a property manager (with her husband) - and basically we had to stand outside with our crazy kids for over 30 minutes while they went through each room, detailing every single thing wrong with the house. He had an entire list of things that needed to be "fixed" - things we thought were not a big deal but apparently were to him. (Things like - a nick in the bottom crown molding in our bedroom, that he would have never noticed, but the p.m. did). The woman with him was not our property manager- just one he is considering hiring to oversee the property in the future (he owns quite a few homes). So, we still haven't heard if we are receiving anything back at all.

-On Wednesday, our outlet blew out which was connected to the washer & dryer. So... no laundry for the past 3 days, combined with laundry brought over from the old house...making mountains of laundry in the garage. (I just rigged it to work though by attaching an extension cord from the washer to another outlet, but that is just temporary).

-Earlier this week we discovered our kitchen sink had a hole in it, large enough for the water to flood the cabinet underneath every time we used it. That got fixed today, thankfully. But now I have to go find a plug that will work in the sink, since the plug in there doesn't work - ugh!

-Our dishwasher from Freecycle.... Yeah, I should have known. Old, rusty, needs a new part. So for now, we have to do all of our dishes ourselves. Okay, I admit. I haven't done one dish. Martin has been doing them because I would rather let them accumulate all week until we get the new part.

-There are more, but I won't go on and on... this is just the beginning though!

BUT despite all of these things, let me tell you - we have the greatest landlords. They really want to help us and do their best to respond quickly. We are still so blessed to be where we are. We are still so happy that are commute is shortened by 75% and we are closer to everything. I know this is all part of the adjustment and "growing pains". So, although I feel stressed right now, I take comfort in being very, very blessed too!

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