Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food Issues

Every year at this time, I vow to diet, give up sugar, and lose weight.  It seems like every year my "losing weight" goal increases, from 20 pounds, to 25 pounds, to 30 pounds, etc... Something isn't working.  I have been praying about this issue for years now, trying to overcome it through various books, programs, exercise plans, support groups - you name it.   Those who know me well have seen me go through these  seasons where I been successful at times, but then I fall off track again, and it is a vicious cycle.  In fact, even writing about it here on my blog has been evidence of the many, many times I have tried and then failed.

As I have prayed about this issue in my life (which seems to be one of my biggest issues), God has recently led me to some new resources that are causing me to examine the real, root cause of this struggle in my life.  Most of us do have food issues, and we think "If I just start exercising again, or just stop eating junk food or carbs, I will get back on track."  It works for awhile, but then we go back to our old ways, because we haven't really dealt with the root of our struggles.

I was at a used bookstore two weeks ago and ran across this book called Thin Within by Judy Halliday for only $1.00.  Every page I read seems to change my life a little more.  This book is not a diet plan, but teaches you how to recognize when you are truly hungry (using through a hunger scale from 0-10), and eat until you are comfortable, not stuffed (a 3-5 on the scale).  Whereas other plans sometimes use Scripture to make you feel as though you are sinning if you overeat, this is a "grace based" book that encourages simple observation and correction when you make a mistake.  The entire book is full of loving encouragement and no condemnation or guilt-based theology.  She does not tell you what to eat, and actually encourages you to throw away your diet books.  This is definitely a new way of thinking for me.

The second book is one that a friend recommended, and it is called "Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food" by Lysa Terkeurst.  This book is easy to read with humor throughout, and you feel as though you are talking to a girlfriend.  I am reading this together with "Thin Within" and the messages are very similar although communicated differently.  Both of these books have 5 stars from reviewers on Amazon, and it is easy for me to see why. I would give them both 5 stars too!  You can visit Lysa's website here, and she has authored other great books as well.

I have not lost any sudden weight or feel as though I have finally overcome my issues.  Yet these two books are opening my eyes to the deep-set beliefs and patterns that have been set in my life for years.  I never really realized before that my true food issues have stemmed not from what I was eating, but from why I was eating.  I look forward to seeing how God continues to work in my heart through these books and hope they encourage you too!


  1. Jaime, It is hard to lose weight and to figure out why we cant seem to stick with anyone diet for very long. I have always tried and failed so many. My journey this time has been different and I pray each and every day that God continues to help me on this journey. I pray that God will help on your journey as well. Sometimes I think we have to just love ourselves for who we are and then everything else falls into place. Take care my friend and thank you for sharing all you good reads with us.

  2. Hi Jaime, I started weight watchers after baby was born, because I actually lost weight with baby. (I was overweight and gained a little but after baby, lost more than I gained due to water weight and baby.) I had also started eating differently when I was pregnant. But, I started gaining some weight back, so I finally joined weight watchers. I have only lost 13 lbs so far, but I feel like I am eating healthier and I am more aware of what I put into my mouth because of it. My husband has lost weight too, just because he is eating healthier with me because I am cooking healthier. It is the only thing I have ever done that has worked and I know that if I continue I will get to a "normal" weight. The meeting also help. I actually have hope that it will happen. I stopped for about 2-3 weeks and my digestive system was not happy also. My body likes me eating healthy. Also the recipes are super good, that is what makes it so easy. And there are extra points so you can indulge occasionally and not feel guilty. I love it...sorry to sound like a commercial..

  3. Hi Jaimie! I have read about Thin Within. It reminded me a lot of Weigh Down, but with a different approach. I am so glad that you liked it...i can't wait to hear more about your journey with it. I feel like it is similar to the journey I had 11 years ago with all my food issues. I will need to find that book, cuz once I have the baby, I need to "relearn" some things that I have definitely forgotten during these last 6 months being pregnant! :-) I have never heard of the second book...I will need to look into that one, too! :-)