Friday, August 5, 2011


This week Micah and Jaden attended their first ever Vacation Bible School.  The theme was PandaMania, and many churches in our area chose this curriculum.  There were over 300 kids who attended this church's VBS, and on the first day the director asked the kids if any of them knew what kind of noise a panda makes.  A little boy raised his hand and she called him to the stage.  Because he was Asian, we all assumed he had seen one in Japan.  He did his best panda impersonation, and the director asked where he had heard a panda before.  He replied, "Oh, I went to another Pandamania VBS last week!"  Turns out that quite a few kids had "made the rounds" at the local VBS's! :)

The boys loved going each day, although Jaden was more apprehensive and never wanted to participate in the worship service.  Here is a video I took of one of the worship services.  It was awesome seeing them all worship together:

(If you wait you can see my boys towards the end)

On the last day, I bought the video of all the worship songs that they had been singing all week.  We brought it home and the boys wanted to watch it over and over.  Little did I know it would turn into "interrogation hour," where they asked me about every single detail of every single song.  Take this song, for instance:

Questions Micah had about the video  (asked the whole time it was playing):

"Mom, why are those kids in the jungle?"
"How did they get there?"
"Did they have to go on the freeway?"
"How long are they staying for?"
"Where are their parents?"
"Why are they singing in the jungle?"
"Do they live there?"
"Who is playing the drums?"
"There are no power lines in the jungle, mom!"

So funny - he is my little thinker.  I'm so thankful that they had a great week learning more about God's love!

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  1. I should have bought the video. We bought the cd instead. Now they want to "watch" the songs and we got nothin! :)