Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Poem About Bathrooms and Such

Today I came across this poem I wrote when we lived in our former 800 square foot house.  I was so desperate to get out, to feel less confined, to have space of my own.  We are now in a 1200 square foot house, still very small to many, but those 400 extra square feet do help.  Still.... there is only 1 bathroom for 4 of us to share.

This poem was about my need for space, and especially the desire for my own bathroom.

The Cottage

I am a lone woman in this house of mine.
A lone woman am I.
In a house full of males and puppy dog tales,
There are days where I just close my eyes.

I dream of a place, of porcelain and tile
A place full of comfort and style.
A place to relax and take a warm bath
Where I can just lay there and smile.

But in this cottage of mine
is only one bathroom I find
and the door remains open all day.
My place of repose has become quite the joke
as the boys have invaded my space.

One day we'll have more
Than this small tiny floor
and more than one bathroom to share
I'll have one to myself
and my own wooden shelf,
and you'll find me sleeping in there.

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