Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fun Pinterest Projects for Thanksgiving

Today Micah had to stay home from school since he is sick, and unfortunately he had to miss his Thanksgiving party at school.  Now, normally I don't consider myself a crafty person (in the "kid's art" department, anyway), but had recently seen some cute Thanksgiving crafts on Pinterest.  Here are a few we decided to do today, that were easy and fun to do:

I didn't have the exact supplies that were in the above photo, so improvised with what we had on hand. The boys loved this!

Our next project was the Pinecone Turkey from this photo:

This site was so cute!!  Instead of crayons, we used pipe cleaners.  

Hey, we tried! :)

Since I was going to Micah's school to pick up his homework, we decided to make his teacher a Thanksgiving gift.  This is what we wanted to make:

I got all the supplies recently at the dollar store, and it cost $4 total (not including the flowers, which I already had). Here's our version:

For lunch today, we made "Turkey Sandwiches" - another cute idea I found on Pinterest:

Here's our version :)

I know it looks like a lot for one day, but each project was so easy and only took about 10 minutes each. Lastly, for dinner I decided to make a brussel sprouts dish I saw on Pinterest.  I have never eaten or made  brussel sprouts before, but the photo looked good so I thought we'd try it!  It was SO GOOD.  The boys didn't touch it, of course, but we thought it was surprisingly amazing. Here it is:

Thanksgiving is still 2 days away, so you still have time to do these fun projects with your kids.  Hey, they may even like the brussel sprouts!!  

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  1. I love the pencil vase!! So cute, as are the other crafts you did with your boys! I hope you had a great holiday and are now enjoying your weekend! I'm so glad I found you on voiceBoks! I'm now happily following!