Friday, September 19, 2008

9 Years!

Yesterday Martin and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. Well, we didn't actually "celebrate" since he had to work last night, but we are going to celebrate on Sunday by going out to dinner. We were married in 1999 in the same city we now live in, not knowing that 2 years later we would move here and begin our ministry here. (In fact, I vaguely remember saying "I would never move here!" but God had other plans) :)

So, in honor of 9 years of marriage, 2 moves, and 2 beautiful children, I thought I would write 9 things I love about my husband (in no particular order):

1) He is an amazing help to me. He takes care of the boys and cleans the house (a little too much sometimes) :) and never complains about it. He frees me up to pursue my dreams and calling, and I try to do the same for him.
2) He is a loving and encouraging husband. He tells me I'm beautiful when I don't feel it, showers me with kisses even though I have morning breath, and forgives me daily for "just being me" :)
3) He is a better father than I could have ever dreamed.
4) He loves the Lord with all of his heart and seeks Him first, making him a great spiritual leader for our family.
5) He is funny (or tries to be), making me laugh even when I'm feeling down.
6) He has tons of energy, making up for my lack of :)
7) He is very patient (especially with me, with my extreme need for sleep and quietness sometimes).
8) He is a musician. This makes for some fun times and silly songs at random hours throughout the day.
9) He is a good listener, even when I'm ranting and raving about the great deals I got with all my coupons.

God truly knew what I needed when he sent Martin into my life, and I am so thankful. Happy Anniversary Babe! :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! It's amazing how 9 years can pass, but it feels like yesterday when you met. The growth and companionship that comes with 9 years of marriage is great! Have fun on your dinner out tomorrow :)

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JAIMIE!!!! Wow, 9 years. I remember your wedding day. It was so much fun and you looked SO beautiful on that day. Congratulations you two!