Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The First Day!

Today was Micah's official first day of preschool.  Last night as I laid in bed I had mixed feelings - excitement, sadness, happiness, etc. all mixed together.  Micah was so excited to start school and wore his backpack all day yesterday, even when he sat down to eat.  This morning I expected a few tears, as least on my end, but we made it through the entire morning with no tears at all!  We were so busy getting ready and getting there on time that it went by so fast.  In fact, while I ran into the office for a second, the teacher opened the door and Micah ran in, and I didn't even get to see him go in!  Oh well, at least I got to run in for a second and get some pictures. Micah went to the teacher and started on a craft the minute he got in the room, and he barely turned around to say goodbye :)  Thankfully he's always been good at adjustments like that. 

When Martin, Jaden & I left, Jaden cried the most because he wanted to stay and play with Micah. We went straight to the church where I had a meeting and then went to the Farmer's Market afterwards with the church staff, so we were busy until we picked Micah back up.  I think that was good for me, just to keep my mind off of how badly I missed him in those 3 hours.  

When we picked him up, I peeked through the window and he was obeying the teacher and sitting at the table waiting. I was so proud of him :)  He is already excited to go back, and it seems like he had a really great day.  I could tell he was really tired on the way home because he got pretty cranky, and then he crashed on the floor of his room right after eating lunch.  Overall, a great first day.  


  1. Ahhh...how cute. You look so beautiful in that picture Jaimie. You look like such a proud mama! :-) I am sure Micah is going to be a perfect student.

  2. So cute! Glad you both had a great first day - those transitions are hard but good :) Sounds like he has a great teacher - getting him right to work!

    Did you see my post on independence?

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah! So good! That is Abby's 1st classroom an I love it. Abby is loving school too and I am so happy for her but wow this mom job is hard!