Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Hour

I jokingly refer to nap times in this house as "happy hour."  Happy for mommy, happy for babies. Because I'm a mom who NEEDS her nap almost every day (just as much as the boys need theirs), naptime has been a priority here.  I schedule our day around nap time, and it has usually worked out well.  

Micah, who is 3.3, still takes a heavy 2 hour nap from around 1-3pm about 5 days out of the week. Jaden, who is 15 months, is starting to transition to 1 nap a day from 2.  Up until recently he would wake up at 7am, take a nap from 9-10am and then another one from 1-2pm.  It worked out great because while the boys were both down from 1-2pm, I would take a little nap. 

However, the last three weeks, Jaden has not wanted the morning nap, but he also has a really hard time waiting until 1pm to take his nap.  His ideal "new schedule" for a nap would be from about 11am-1pm.  Because I've been making him wait until 1pm to go down, he's been really cranky lately.  So, the choice is either: cranky baby, or cranky mommy (who won't get a nap at all if he goes down from 11-1).

I am torn between doing what Jaden needs and what I need.  See, if I lay him down from 11-1pm, and then Micah from 1-3pm, that is a 4 hour window right in the middle of the day where we can't go anywhere or do anything.  And with Micah starting preschool next week, we'll have to be out of the house to pick him up at noon anyway 2x a week.

Oh, the dilemmas of being a mom.  :)  It looks like for the next few weeks we'll just have to play it by ear.  I realize that my "ideal" of both boys napping so I can nap may not happen forever.  I do make it through the afternoon okay if I have caffeine, so maybe I'll just need to have some caffeinated drinks on hand.  Happy hour may be ending, but we'll see....

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  1. My Owen is on the same schedule but likes to nap 9-12 then isn't ready for the afternoon nap until after we pick up Ella at 3:30. He's been awake while Sophia's asleep a lot lately - it's bugging me too! But I really like the morning nap - that's when I get my shower and get chores done around the house . . . I'm about to shake things up too :)
    Happy hour is pretty much how I look at it too, but I usually sew instead of nap. I've got a non-napper though.