Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night and All is Quiet

As I sit here reflecting tonight on all the festivities of this past Christmas week, I am so thankful for my little family in our cozy little house.  The boys are snug in their beds, M is off to Blockbuster to rent the new Chronicles of Narnia (the first one was on TV last night so now we have to see the new one), and I sit here in quietness.

This week was both joyful and stressful at times.  Having an 18 month old and 3 1/2 year old makes for some really fun and laughable times.  I love this age, where everything is so exciting and new.  This was the first year that Micah really understood what Christmas was, and he was happy to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  Somewhere along the way he heard about Santa Claus, asked about him, and the story has just gotten bigger and bigger for him every day.  We wanted to downplay Santa as much as possible, but the little boy just wants to BELIEVE! :)  Tonight at my aunt's house, my dad came in dressed as Santa and Micah got to meet him and hug him, and we don't think he knew that was really his Papa. I loved the boys excitement about every single part of Christmas - from wanting to see every Christmas display at Target every time we went there, to gasps when we drove by any house with lights, to driving through "Candy Cane Lane" and hearing their shrieks with excitement, to seeing Santa at the mall and wanting so badly to tell him what he (Micah) wanted, etc... It was a year to remember.

The stressful part also comes along with the territory, as having an 18 month old and 3 1/2 year old is like having to transport an entire army. When we go to families' houses (multiple houses, I might add), we have to remember the diapers, wipes, binkies, blankets, changes of clothing, food (because of course they won't touch any food there besides chips), entertainment, a favorite toy, water cups, a portable high chair, and the list goes on. Because both of our boys do not have any cousins within 10 years of themselves, they are usually the only young children present. Houses are not always baby-proofed, and so we are dodging to and fro trying to keep (mainly Jaden) from breaking precious collectibles, eating someone else's appetizer plate, not playing in their toilet, going in private bedrooms and rummaging through drawers, etc... I probably make him sound like he's out of control, which he's not, but he is extremely active. After about an hour I am exhausted. Martin and I take shifts with them, but it is still a constant job just to get through the event. We managed to make it through 2 visits that were each about 5 hours each, and we have one more to go this Saturday. At this moment, in my exhaustedness, I just wish it would END!

Last night at the Christmas Eve service, I had to sit in the nursing mother's room because my boys were wanting to talk loudly during the quiet readings and solemnly sung Christmas carols. I felt sad, like I was missing out, in the cold and dark room with my boys, while everyone on the "outside" was cozy, warm and comfortable. YET, I realize that this is probably the only year that I will experience that. My boys are very young, at a tender but active age, and it probably won't be like this again. So, everything in perspective. Not everyone has a husband who is a worship leader and leading the whole Christmas Eve service, so understandably most moms in my boat have someone to help out. It was just a hard night for me; a hard week in some ways to try to enjoy the season while working extremely hard. So tonight, I'm tired and worn out, but very thankful for ALL that Christ has done for me, in me and through me. I'm so thankful for my boys, who I love with all of my heart. Even though it is a hard stage in life, they are worth every effort.


  1. Santa was never a factor in our house . . . until Ella went to school - now she has written letters to Santa for her sisters. But we always enjoy baking a Birthday Cake for Jesus together :)

    I've taken that army lots of places too! It gets better . . . I say "no touching" to my little ones more than ANYTHING they are always on the lookout for something new to destroy!

    Sorry you weren't able to truly enjoy the service, that can be really discouraging - your right though, next year will be completely different and they are worth every moment! I hope you are able to enjoy a "day off" and get some rest today - hugs

  2. We tried to downplay Santa also, but he ended up bringing some toys for my daughter. She is also 3-1/2 and wants to BELIEVE. Nice thing is that she balances it with her rendition of the nativity story which breaks my heart with happiness every time she tells it (over and over and over.) :-)

    I pray for peace for you. I don't have an army, but I do understand!

  3. No Santa here for us either :) Although sometimes Miss Rose decides she wants to believe...other times she tells people he is just a story. It's kind of amusing to see grown adults aghast that a 4yr old is telling them Santa is not real!