Monday, December 8, 2008

The Results Are In

Awhile back I wrote about my theories as to why Micah has gotten sick so much, despite the fact that I nursed him for 10 months.  I started keeping a detailed chart this year of how often he was getting colds and I found out that he had gotten about 10 colds, almost all between August and now.  

Today we took him to the allergist for the prick test, and Martin and I were SO nervous about it.  I had the prick test done a few years ago and the doctor pricked my back with about 36 allergens, and it wasn't pleasant.  I wasn't having good memories of my experience.  BUT, Micah, on the other hand, did amazing.  The allergist was so great, I think it was one of the best doctor's visits we have ever had (besides the fact they made us wait a long time and we were there for 2 hours total).  The nurse pressed 16 panels into his back at one time, and they felt like the end of a toothpick.  Micah did not even cry!!!  I was so amazed by him!  He watched a video during the 20 minute wait for the results, and lo and behold, he has a moderate allergy to dust mites, mold, weed and tree pollen.  BUT, that is only half of the story.  

The doctor wants him seen by an ear, nose and throat specialist, because she believes that he possibly has large adenoids that have made for his repeated ear infections and runny nose. That issue would only  make his allergy symptoms worse than they would normall be.  He has to go in for an X-ray this week and then he'll see another specialist in the next few weeks.  

I still fight the urge to not feel guilty that I didn't take him in sooner, but Martin reminded me that he's only 3 1/2 so we tried to catch it as early as we could.  It appears that this type of problem runs in my family, with my dad, my brother and I all needing tubes in our ears and tonsillectomies at young ages.  I'm hoping that won't be what he needs after seeing the ENT.  

Anyway, that's the update; thanks to all of you who knew we were going through this and praying!


  1. It took me quite a while to realize i needed to take Joshua to teh ENT after i added up the number of ear infections, which was 7. He had tubes put in last month and it was super easy adn quick and i have heard adnoid removal is just as easy, so if it does end up going that route, take peace in that its a super simple surgery! Joshua has a runny nose all the time too and gets a lot of colds, i wonder about the adnoid thing...hmm

  2. So glad Micah is on a path to health - I'll be praying that there's more answers with the ent.

  3. Hi - just blog browsing and stopped by yours.

    My niece had similar problems and had her tonsils removed and she has been much healthier since (and she stopped snoring and her voice now sounds like a little girl's instead of a baritone!)

    God bless you and your little boy on this journey.

  4. Well that is great news. My friend Stephanie just went through this surgery in August. Her boy is 4 and he had his adenoids taken out and his tonsils. They opted out of tubes because he is so water oriented and he is doing great. She is another MOPS mom so if you want to talk to her she would be happy to share. Glad you are on your way. We do the best as moms and trust the doctors to steer us so don't blame yourself.