Monday, December 22, 2008

Toy Intoxication

It has already begun... my family came over on Saturday night to celebrate Christmas, and celebrate we did! The boys watched as my parents made trip after trip back out to the car and in, carrying loads and loads of Christmas gifts. Micah was trying so hard to hold in his excitement, and he waited so patiently.

After dinner he sat waiting as my sister handed out the gifts, and his excitement mounted as he opened each one. Can't you see the excitement in his face here? :)

Just kidding; I think he was in shock. But he WAS truly so excited about his new "electric guitar". I could see Jaden's envy as he looked on...

But then he got one too! Ever since they have both been inseparable from their guitars.  

At the end of the night, they were both sitting in mounds of wrapping paper and presents, and I could tell they were overwhelmed. I only wish I had been taking pictures at that point! It was almost like they didn't know what to play with because there were so many options. This was the first year that I realized how crazy gift giving can become! (But don't get me wrong - we are SO thankful for everyone who showered them with gifts they love!).

We went to my husband's side last night and everyone decided not to exchange gifts this year.  It was so refreshing and fun!  Everyone got together and ate dinner and then just talked.  A nice change... A few more parties to go!

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  1. They do look so happy! Those guitars will keep you grinning too :) Merry Christmas to you guys!