Monday, June 8, 2009

We are Moving!!

The past 24 hours has been exciting, and I am officially now tuckered out. Last night at 6pm, I went with my friend Laura out to eat. She is my amazing, relatively new prayer partner, with whom I meet each Sunday. She is an amazing woman of God, full of wisdom and love, and is a former missionary to the Philippines. I shared with her some hard questions that I have been having about God. We talked in depth about unanswered prayers, waiting, not understanding God's ways, and that Scripture "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." We've both pretty much been there these past 6 months or so. Someday I'll do a post about Waiting on God and the lessons I've learned on that, but I don't even know what I've learned quite yet.

Anyway, to make a long story short, at 9pm I got a call as I was returning from Laura's house (where I had been whining and complaining about our situation), and it was a landlord who wanted to show me a house I had inquired about last week to rent. I was literally about 2 blocks away so stopped by to look at it, and felt like "this could be the one." You know - the house we have been waiting for; the house I have written about here and here. Martin drove over at 9:30pm to look at it, and by 9:30am this morning, we called and told them we wanted it. At 12:30pm, we went and signed the lease agreement and put down our deposit. We are officially MOVING! To a house where we wanted to live, in the neighborhood we had looked in for months. It is finally happening. The wait is over.

Let me just say this: God has grace for His children. You know - those children who complain and whine, as though we were the Israelites wandering in the wilderness?

Today at the park, this young boy had a t-shirt on that said: "Patience: To wait or endure a difficult situation without anger or complaint." Hmmm. That is definitely not me. Nope. I admit it. That should be one of my "fruits," but it is still in the "seed" stage apparently.

I'm still learning my lessons. But for now, I am so excited about our move. We are going to go from 800 square feet to 1200. From 2 bedrooms to 3 (we will use one for our home office/exercise room/guest room). From no garage (and 8 parking tickets for parking on street-sweeping days) to a 2-car garage with TONS of storage. From closets that are currently 4 feet wide, to over 8 feet wide. From no neighbors to tons of neighbors (wait - maybe that's not a benefit - I don't know yet).

God still has a sense of humor, because we are moving on my birthday weekend. Martin thought I'd be sad, but I said "No Way! It is like God's birthday present to ME!" :) We gave our "32" days notice today and could not be more excited. Yeah God!


  1. I am so excited for you. Looking foward to that "waiting on God" post from you someday. I could use some lessons in that myself.

  2. So. excited. for. you!!! Praise God for having all the timing stuff worked out for you :)