Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catching Up!

I have not had the chance to sit down and blog in over a week now, and I feel like there is so much catching up to do!  In the last week we have attended a wedding of a young man I used to babysit for, (almost) completely potty trained Jaden for good (wahoo!!), had 2 photoshoots, had great friends over for dinner, Micah had his Harvest Party and performance at school, we went to Disneyland, signed the least on our house for the next year (yeah!), spent Thanksgiving at 2 different family's houses in one day, and then the next day went to my parent's house for 2 days.  We got back last night around 8pm and got up early to go to church this morning, then came home and decorated the outside of the house for Christmas!  Wow - it is exhausting just writing all of that!

While I will not go into every detail of the above-said events, I want to share some of my favorite photos from this week with you:

From the wedding - this was the son of my youth pastor & his wife, who is now 18 years old.  I used to babysit this boy and lived with his family for a summer.  This is the first young man I have watched grow up before my eyes and get married.  Nothing will make you feel old like that kind of wedding! :)  It was so great seeing many people we had not seen in years.  I think weddings like these must be a glimpse of what heaven will be like; everyone you love in one room - it made my heart smile.  (Pardon the bad picture quality; I only brought my small pocket camera and was so regretting that I did not have my good camera!!)

From photoshoot #1 - This is one of my new favorite pictures.  I experimented in Photoshop by writing Emily's name below her photo, and I just LOVE it!   I think I want to do more of these in the future.

From Photoshoot #2- I have been taking pictures of this young man since he was a newborn.  He is wearing the same suit that his dad wore for his 4 year old pictures.  I thought it would be fun to pose him as a business man :)

From Disneyland:Micah pulled me over and said "Mommy look! A gopher!!" He pointed to Chip :) So cute-

Jaden wanted to meet every character we saw, and especially loved Woody and Mrs.Clause. She asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said "A Thomas DVD".

From Thanksgiving Day at my Aunt Ann's place:

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to reading all of your stories too!!

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