Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This week, I did NOT go to the mall with my family, only to run into another family we hadn't seen in a long time, only to come home and find that the entire night I had been walking around with only ONE large silver hoop earring in my ear. Not me!! I always double check my appearance before heading outside, especially after a long nap!

This week, I did NOT find Micah up in his room at 3:30am, giggling and eating candy in his bed. He did NOT stay awake the entire rest of the early morning hours, keeping the rest of us awake as well. Last night, I did NOT find BOTH Micah AND Jaden up at 3:30am AGAIN, giggling and eating candy in Jaden's bed, with every light in the house on. Not in my house!! I always hear my children in the middle of the night, especially when they are having PARTIES without me!!

This week, I have NOT been consuming every. last. piece. of Halloween candy we have in this house. I have NOT restarted my diet every single day since November 1st. I have NOT set an example for my sons that might make them want to get up in the middle of the night and consume Halloween leftovers! Not me!! I don't eat sugar!!

This week, we did NOT decide to potty train Jaden, spur of the moment, since Micah was sick anyway and we knew we'd be stuck at home for at least 3 days. We don't take advantage of sick kids in my house!!

This morning, Martin and I did NOT get on both computers at exactly 10:00am to buy U2 tickets, thinking we could "outsmart" Ticketmaster by being on separate computers. We did NOT obsessively attempt to buy tickets for 20 minutes straight, and in the end (for real) did not end up with tickets :(

And lastly, this is NOT my 200th post today, which I promised would be a giveaway! I still need to take pictures of my next giveaway, and hope to have it up by tomorrow night! Stay tuned; I'll give you a hint - it is jewelry!


  1. Wow - that sounds like a couple of LONG nights! I'm glad we didn't do trick or treating this year and Myles has forgotten about the small amount of candy he got at our church's harvest party. I would have been ALL over that sugar!

  2. Wow! You have got to be exhausted! I am sure Aurora would be doing the same thing if she was not confined to a crib! Thank goodness for that :)

  3. You also did NOT win a blog giveaway! :D
    I still giggle every time I think of those boys eating candy in the middle of the night. What little stinkers (some of the cutest stinkers around!). Hope potty training is going well and that Micah is feeling better!!

  4. My friend (and our women's pastor) told a story about how she walked around the grocery store with bright green lips because in the dark she had colored them with her eye concealer, not lip pencil!!

  5. LOL...that's all I can say! I LOVE reading your blog, Jaimie!!! You are so funny...ahhhh...miss you guys. What are you doing for New Years???