Monday, November 16, 2009

Potty Disaster

A week ago I took this picture and thought "nothing could be cuter than this little butt in underwear!" Sigh. What was I thinking?

It has been over a week now since we "potty trained" Jaden. I use that term loosely, because I'm not quite sure if that's the right wording for what has occurred.

You see, Jaden loves going pee on the potty. Every time I take him, he aims, he shoots, he scores! He loves to put loads of toilet paper in the toilet and watch it flush. He even bypassed the small "Winnie the Pooh" potty and went straight for the big throne. The problem is, if we don't intentionally take him, he has accidents all throughout the day.

And then there's #2. If you're reading this far, you probably don't mind if I go there, right?! :) Okay, then. He has gone #2 twice on the potty, in the first 2 days we trained him. Since then, he only prefers to go in his underwear. Or a diaper, if we'll put it on him. So we have been daily cleaning, scrubbing, giving baths, and doing tons of laundry because of this habit. Today I almost lost it. It was so disgusting I almost threw up. I do not know HOW you moms who cloth-diapered DO IT!! I am amazed by your tenacity, your gusto, your patience, your virtue. Again I was reminded today why I chose to pollute the environment with more disposable diapers.

After 4 years of constant diapers, I am OVER IT. This child will NOT go back into diapers! (Well, unless it's #2 - then go for it). I am over the $40-50 a month, the late night diaper runs when we run out, the smell of diapers that lingers in my house. But I'm not really sure where we go from here. Micah took a year to potty train. Yes, you read that right. So this is all new territory to me. Do we let Jaden continue using diapers to do his business? Or do we daily endure the torture of cleaning filthy poopy underwear? I am leaning towards the diaper option for his duty (I mean, "doody").

So, our diaper days are not completely over yet.  I did buy a small package today, which he will only wear once a day and overnight.  And if we go on a long trip.  And maybe if we go to church.  You get the idea.  We are not accident-free just yet.  But we are on the way!


  1. Uh. I'm no help. I waited until Ben was 3. And 1/2. It was a cinch :) I'll likely do the same thing with Luke because I'm a lazy mom. I wish you luck though. Maybe invest in a diaper sprayer to spray the poo off the underwear?? Ew. Toddler poo in a diaper is bad enough.
    Stopping now.
    Good luck!!

  2. Hey Jaimie! I'm catching up in my reader - has it gotten any better?

    My only suggestion is to keep him out of anything for as much of the day as possible. I do lots of water/drinks and salty snacks to make them thirsty and keep them in the kitchen where messes clean up easier. My owen has been rebelling a little bit too - takes a little getting use to!