Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals and Dreams

Are you a "New Year's Resolution Maker"?  It seems like there are people who make resolutions every year, and people who say they never make resolutions.  It depends on the year for me.  This year, I am newly inspired to create goals, mainly because of this website I found a few months ago called Simple Mom.  Seriously, this website is amazing.  I told the author of it that I really think this is my favorite website EVER.  Tsh thinks like me (meaning, she is easy to understand because I seem to need that right now), she loves making lists, and she helps me to be more organized and a better mom!  Anyway, she has these downloadable questions to help you set goals for 2010.  One is called "20 Questions for New Year's Eve Reflection," and the other is "Goal Setting Questions for 2010."  This last one is kicking my butt because it's 7 pages long, but SO good!!  

Through completing these questionnaires, I have discovered that I have a L.O.T. of goals for this year.  Here are some of them:

-Exercise 4x a week
-Spend a minimum of 30 minutes 4x a week playing outside with the boys (this is so hard for me!!  I know- lame mom!!) :)
-Learn how to be a more effective home & time manager
-Read 5 books
-Read the Bible to the boys each night before bed (4-5 times a week)
-Teach them to memorize 1 verse of Scripture each month
-Have a more consistent time with God each day
-Pay off 2 credit cards
-Stay debt free through 2010 after paying those off
-Increase savings
-Spend less time on the computer (ha! no, seriously)
-Clean more (this would probably happen more if I was off the computer more often!)
-Have more family fun time

Oh, that doesn't seem like enough?  Trust me, I have about 15 more goals in my head; things that have to do with eating out less, getting Jaden off of the binky, stay on top of the laundry, etc... 

Normally I would feel like I am just shooting myself in the foot by making so many goals.  But I do think that it is good to have things to be working toward in life.  When I look at this overwhelming list, I have to ask myself, "What would be my very top goal?"  It always seems to come back to the most important thing:  my spiritual life.  Time with God.  Teaching our boys about God.  Secondly, it comes down to health: exercise regularly.  

And the truth is, these two top goals would happen if I were simply a more effective time manager.  That includes spending less time on the computer (the time that I waste, not the time that I blog, obviously) :)

Today I read a quote from Dave Ramsey who said that "On average, New Year's Resolutions end around 2/14"  (Check out his site - he's pretty cute for an old guy!) :)   I think we'd do ourselves a favor by keeping things simple.  As in, I don't have to accomplish all the things above, but I can work on what I consider to be my TOP goal every day.  Then work on the 2nd, 3rd, and so forth.  At least I'll know I completed one of them!   

So, what are your goals?  Are you a "New Year's Resolution Maker"?


  1. Our pastor in San Diego said something that has always stuck with me...."Do ONE thing until it becomes habit and then move on to the next thing." Makes it much easier!! :D

  2. I made a resolution NOT to make resolutions this year. There are so many things that I want and NEED to get done, I guess I just didn't want the responsibility and possible failure of a resolution. But your blog blessed me Jaimes! I like the way you worded that! Having goals is great and healthy. I'm going to look at those lists and make one for myself. Thanks Jaimie, love you!! <3

  3. I wouldn't say I have resolutions...I do have some goals and things I would like to improve upon. But in my crazy life, I've found I'll get too disappointed in myself if I expect something, and it doesn't happen :)

  4. I usually always make a list but hardly ever keep them! I really need to pray about the goals God wants me to achieve this year and fight to keep them in my sight!

    I'm really excited about starting a MOPS group in my area--we don't really know what we're doing--but we know it's going to be good and God's going to use it : )